watch how joe budden checks a fool asking about his alleged bisexuality

two of my biggest fears growing up:

People looking at me when I walked into a room
People asking, assuming, or talking about me being gay

both things usually synergized with each other.
people have this obsession with others’ sexuality.
some are bold af too!
they’ll literally ask you if you’re gay in front of people.
don’t even pull you to the side to ask.
some do use it as a way to embarrass someone.

I hate when loudmouth gays do it.

even though joe budden has his problematic moments,
i enjoyed how he handled a jackal trying to embarrass him.
mark hoffa wanted joey to clarify his alleged bisexuality.
this is how he ended up checking mark hoffa…

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as a male, you can’t be biseuxal because it’s poppycock (emphasis on the cock)

i never watched “the voice“,
so i’m not familiar with avery wilson.
he announced that he is bi over the weekend on his birthday,
but a lot of ya’ll was like:

we already knew.”

there is one common trend i observed after his coming out tho…

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No One Is Really 100% Straight

i was talking to pose one day and she said:

“There are a lot of males out here that are experimenting.”

social media and the foxhole have show me this also.
males you think are “straight” are secretly experimenting.
i believe that folks aren’t 100% straight or gay.
this includes males too.
i believe anyone can fall into same sex relations,
even if it’s jackin off or a strong emotional connection.
well a foxholer sent me an article that may prove me right.
it seems there might be some truth to this theory.
this is what i was sent via “the daily mail”
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The Land of the Bisexuals; Population 10.

i noticed something.
i wonder if you have noticed it too.
every wolf/hybrid/or fox on a chat site is “bisexual“.
usually online when someone puts there are bisexual,
you are expecting them to come looking like they are fresh out of cell block “d”.
i guess it’s the masculine fantasy some of us crave.
honesty minute.
if my wolf happens to be bi,
then I need you to be a hardcore bisexual.
if i say to you one night that i want to see you fuck a vixen,
i want you to know what to do with her.
not bring her over and look like another fish out of water.

“who does your hair?”
“your shoes are gorge. cl?”
“let me tell you about that bitch on real housewives of atlanta honey…”

those are absolute violations that will have you thrown out of my crib.
the ones who say they are “gay” usually look like gigantic queens,
whereas the ones who are playing “bi” look like they are playing a role.
i can see the appeal.
a lot of these new age online bisexuals aren’t really bi at all.

they say no man can ever be bisexual.
it wouldn’t “work out“.
once he gets a taste of some dick in those cheeks,
or has stuck his pipe in between,
the flood gates have been opened.
why is it a vixen can go both ways and it be labelled “sexy” or “trendy”?
she can eat pussy from sun up to sun down and completely only crave dick after.
is it really a myth that vixens are the masters of bisexuality?
why is this?
is it something in the vixen mind that allows them to genuinely like both?
as men,
can our dicks really get hard for both?

or is saying we are bi easier than saying we are completely gay?
i had to ask…

Can a man really be bisexual?

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f0X Asks: Do Vixens Still Want To Bone Frank Ocean Real Thoro?

i noticed that ever since frank ocean “came out“,
more females are interested in getting that pipe.
i know a few vixens who said:

“i dont give a fuck if he is gay! i’d still fuck him!”

i know females who got wet off the letter.
even at the concert,
vixens all around me were creating tidal waves in their panties when he was on stage.
i don’t know if it is the music or the fact he is attractive that did it,
but his pussy count has definitely gone up.
so my question is this…

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