Are You Ready To Suck A Warm 10″ Inch Pipe For Your Rent Money?

i got an interesting comment last week on an old entry.
something happened recently with someone else and it brought me back to that comment.
it made me ponder the state of black america and what we deem as “paid“.

check it out below…

first off: why do people care so much about malo?
he hasn’t done any porn since 2 years ago.
yet whenever you mention his name,
people go bat shit crazy.
this isn’t the first slanderous comment about malo on here.
long ass comments about this man’s life.
what in the entire fuck?
it is a sad day when people thrash someone who is practically a “no one” in the grand scheme of things.
but i needed someone to use for this entry,
so malo is up.

one thing i have noticed in the sad state of hood life is if you have something nice,
you are doing “well” for yourself.
the way we pimp our nice things on social networks can be downright pathetic.
but, are those nice things really our reality?

sure malo is cute and can take dick like a champ,
but he isn’t in porn anymore.
does he have a job?
a career?
does he have his own studio?
where is his real income coming in?
it could be from some wolf,
but that is what i like to call, “nfl money”.
meaning, you can’t have a wolf pay your entire lifestyle because it isn’t guaranteed.
he gives you all the money upfront and if anything was to happen, you are broke again.
escort money is also in the range of “nfl money“.
unless you are making a stack or five for your services,
you are not making real money.
plus, the one who is giving the dick has a longer life span.
your butt cheeks have an expiration date on them once you overuse it.

black people like to think someone is doing great because they have a nice car,
wear cute clothes,
in the latest clubs,
take a few pictures with celebrities,
or anything that can gain you followers/bragging rights on social media.
but no one can answer how this person is making the money work for them?
no one can tell me how this person who did not come from a rich family,
is a trust fund baby,
won the lottery,
or is a dope dealer,
is making all this change.

i have been in the entertainment industry for a while now to tell you none of that means a thing.
that is all temporary shit.
people are broke as hell and frontin’ a lifestyle.
borrowing or stealing clothes.
renting a car for the night.
sleeping on their friend’s couch.
you ever notice you NEVER see these people’s cribs?
property always appreciates.
not even an apartment.
but, a town house or a condo.
shit even a house.
the true meaning of having money (and to some not even).
but all you see is an item that lost value once you rung it up at the register.

your dumb ass running out here to buy christian loub loafers/sneakers you can’t afford,
but a real A lister never pays for their clothes.
usually the designer sends the clothes to them and they wear it for advertising.
you ever notice when a celeb dresses themselves,
some of them look terrible?

i’m not saying you can’t buy shit.
buy shit when you know that money will increase and not missed.
bread that is constantly making more bread.
this is how you can always tell someone who is new to money by the way they act.
just pay attention.

lowkey: this isn’t any kind of shade to malo.
a fox just had enough.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

44 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Suck A Warm 10″ Inch Pipe For Your Rent Money?”

  1. Right, I always say that we don’t know what a persons situation is. People go around showcasing their clothes and shoes and they are broke as hell. When I got to college I really learned a lot about that. My friends asking me for money and shit, but they are wearing fresh clothes and shoes, and I didn’t get it. I lost about $70 or 80 dollars last year paying for my friends. I found myself paying for food, drinks, and even their ways into parties and other things. In order to get money some people have to sell their souls or have to do sexual favors to get money, and you can’t tell that by looking at them.

  2. I don’t like when people become so involved in other people’s lives, running their mouth in hopes of getting some “life”.

    As a grown man, I don’t have time for it.

    That said, you never know how someone is living. Personally, I’ve never been into flashy things. I drive a modest car and am tight with my money.

    …but my bank is stacked and my investments are multiplying.

    One thing I learned not too long ago was that a lot of people don’t actually lead the lives they claim they do. Driving a nice car they don’t own, living in an apartment they can’t afford, and throwing lavish parties on credit.

    Going to school, I knew plenty of homos who boosted for a living. I also knew plenty downlow athletes selling their body for quick cash.
    There are plenty wolves out here driving around cars owned by foxes who drop wads of money just to have an attractive wolf on their arm with above average dick.

    I know plenty.

    1. It’s funny the DL athletes in college were just hoes, they didn’t sell they dick/ass for cash they just wanted to nut. It was the vixens who would fly out to Atlanta and Miami and then come back asking for the class notes. LOL Bad bitches always have a plan.

      Sidenote: Not totally against selling your ass for cash, but have a plan. Just don’t go into anything ignorant or without an exit strategy. Also practice the principles of stealth wealth. Money doesn’t spoil, it keeps.

      1. Lol at iceededppl. You know the struggle. Real talk I know this dude that strips and fucks women on the side to pay his way through med school. His girlfriend has no clue. He said I have enough body to work there.

        He said all I have to do is twerk and bodyroll on a bar in some pink or yellow boxer briefs (to highlight my dark skin).

        Hell I do that at home for free. Lol

  3. umm, I thought somewhere it says that he (Malo) is a graphic design major and that he used porn as a way to pay his way through school. Also in an interview it says he wasnt gonna stay in porn. Honestly tho idc.

  4. I’m trying to figure out what Malo does that has these queens all speculating about him and his lifestyle?

    The few times I’ve seen his twitter page he hasn’t really been stunting at all and doesn’t he have a boyfriend (dude with the dreads)?

    Everyone keeps saying he’s catty and stuck up but so are the majority of gay dudes in general. So do they mean he’s more cocky and stuck up than they are?

    Lol they really are making him more important than he really is.

    I’ve seen some of these porn stars in person and all I can say is what a fucking let down.

    Half of them look sickly…seriously. What in the fuck kind of lenses are they using on those cameras?

    On a related note:

    He’s been doing porn too damn long to still be escorting.

    1. He needs some Palmers Cocoa Butter Fragrance Free or some Aveeno Daily Moisturizing with the SPF 15. Ashy Alejandro. SMH.

      Obviously he does not have a plan.

  5. Funny how everyone talks about how dudes are faking their lifestyle and yet gay dudes in general are VERY image oriented.

    I’m not dressed to impress everyday, color blocking and such with fitted shirts and toms on my feet. I have no problem wearing old sneakers while just running errands. Sometimes the hair is cut and sometimes I’m rocking a natural like the sistas. Lmao

    I know some of ya’ll would think I’m a bum on my worse day, but on top of the personal shit I deal with, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life in the long term and getting my career off the ground.

    Why put all that energy into an appearance instead of something more substantial?

    I’m sorry but anyone who likes me is going to have to accept my lucky, muddy Retro Jordan 5’s too and my several pairs of basketball shorts I rotate. Lol

    These white people are out here getting the Gucci, Givenchy, and Louboutins at TJ Maxx for half price while the black people actually go to the store and pay twice the amount just to stunt.

    1. LOL. You keep things so real Jay.

      People put a lot of effort because they want to look good. If you look good you will get attention. Plus people think they can convince poeple they have money if they showcase.

      1. Shitttt, why is my money any of your concern? You not getting a dime from me at all! I don’t ask for money and I don’t lend any money period! Consider yourself special if I feed you. Lol

        No lie, a few dudes I’ve messed with had the nerve to ask me for a “tip” right after and I hit them with the “be safe” and zipped up and walked smooth out the door.

        I am NOT that nigga at all.

  6. IDK what it is either that makes the girls go wild for Malo. They say if your being talked about your doing something right. I do personally have a friend in ATL who is cool with Malo. (you kno the girls talk lolz) From what she said they had a lil sit down with the kid which began as an undercover reading session and actually saw his college diploma so yea IDK. He told them he didnt feel the need to brag on twitter or say I told you so because I guess he is really changing in a positive way. I am proud of him actually. I use to bash him and go with the flow like everyone else of how he was a smut, a hoe, dirty, ratched amongst other things ( and yes I go the fuck off!) but do you blame anyone? What else are we suppose to think and what are the odds that one of these porn sluts do something with themselves? I can say he has been very vague on twitter. besides a few instagram photos here and there, love tweets to his boyfriend hes been with for sometime now and a few friends, something is definitely taking up his time. I have heard the rumors about Malo and Raz but this was back last year when he retired. If he is doing better great! If not who cares like someone said above we give this boy too much for what he really is.

  7. Right! Indeed Malo is a good looking guy, but if he did use porn as a way to fund education. It would only be right for him to discontinue filming and have nothing more to do with it at all. The closest thing he has still associated to Malo Don is his twitter name translated in english. He not all that to me but he does keep the girls excited watching his every move.

  8. i just want to say….
    if you are going to be commenting on Malo,
    please use another IP address.


    it makes no sense why the same IP address with different screen names is blowing up my box.

    1. If the above comment is indeed true, it would def. explain the twitter hiatus from time to time. Has anyone tweeted Malo nd asked him to comment on the thread? That would b fun

      1. lol no shade!! I’m just sayin. I always see all these comments about Malo yet no one ever cares to tweet or ask him to join. Maybe he can clear up some of this mess!

  9. I’ve actually seen Malo. Twice. The second time I saw him, he kept following me around the mall.

    He’s attractive. I focused primarily on his ass. But he’s nothing to obssess over. He’s your average looking guy. That fact he’s done porn is a turn off tho.

    1. Damn so you wouldn’t like me anymore if I was featured in a few “Indie” xtube clips?

      I was wearing a Power Ranger mask damnit!

  10. Reading through some of these comments, ugh.

    I hate hate hate when people try to justify certain decisions they’ve made as of they didn’t have options, ie. doing porn to pay your way through school.

    There are plenty of places you could work, scholarships are available, grants are available, and, if you just HAVE to have the fast cash, stripping pays well.

    Doing porn isn’t for the money.

  11. What’s wrong with porn stars again??? Everyone fucks rite??? Some people just happen to get paid to do it on camera. I would never do it but im not gonna judge somebody for making that choice. And this lifestyle is filled with those seeking acceptance from others. That’s why they drive cars they can’t afford…stay in the club…and live in a nice ass apt with 5-6 other people just to keep up appearances. Fuck that…if I’m gonna brag about living a certain way Im gonna make damn sure I’m really paid and not fronting to make myself look good or make myself a social celebrity.

    1. Everybody fucks, but everyone doesn’t have a high body count or has raw sex with multiple partners on the regular basis. That’s the difference bruh between them and some(not all) regualr folks. Porn stars have a higher body count than the average person, and who needs any proof you know. I’m just gonna throw out a few names; Angyl, Remy, Osian, Trapbboy, Romance, the list goes on. I’ve seen these guys with at least 10 to 15 different men. Lord only knows how many partners they have had off camera. I don’t know any of them personally, but that off camera number might be around 20 and I’m being generous. Now that’s embarrassing, being in your twenties or early thirties and having a body count in the thirties and forties I don’t care whether you’re gay or straight, that’s high.

      1. True…but I know some people that don’t do porn and their count is much higher than that. And most of the porn stars that I know don’t have a lotta sex off camera. Not saying EVERY porn star…just the ones I know. But u rite…don’t wanna be worn out by the time ur 30 but there’s definitely some regular people running around without walls at age 24

      2. Yea but there are people who have that many and they aren’t even getting paid to have sex.

        At end of the day, people get into the business for different reasons. Some do it for the money and some don’t.

        You have some, who been in a hand full of movies and they got out the game.

        You do have some who have made good money in the business but they made smart business moves and they hustle hard. Not all pornstars/escorts are broke.

        The only difference with porn performers is that they are on camera for the whole world to judge them.

        Each their own man. I don’t have to fuck them.

  12. College is very expensive lets be real. Sally Mae is not your friend I feel if you dont want loans . porn,prostitution, and stripping can be your friend I dont knock it especially if you cannot find a job. Other than that I say fuck malo next topic he is irrelevant lol to me.

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