did malo have a plan when he decided to get into sex work?

i thought about malo while writing about ace rockwood.
those of us remember their scene together.
when malo made his debuted before OF was a thing,
he was literally “the one to smash” in movies.
he was a cute yellow fox with a bubble tail.

the way he eye fucked these wolves when they were inside him,
it was like he was putting a spell on them.
i think d’angelo jackson said he was the best he ever worked with.
he had foxes wanting to get a piece too.
malo knew he had sex appeal but he had a plan

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Are You Ready To Suck A Warm 10″ Inch Pipe For Your Rent Money?

i got an interesting comment last week on an old entry.
something happened recently with someone else and it brought me back to that comment.
it made me ponder the state of black america and what we deem as “paid“.

check it out below…

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You Play A Great “MAN” While Having Sex

It is always interesting to see porno stars in their natural habitats.

but this right here…

You maybe in for a shocker…

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You Want Some of This Hot, This Sweet, This Foxy Stuff?

“I want to fuck you so good that you will want me to own that boi pussy.
You are so damn sexy, you know that?”

First off, no.
My azz is not a storage unit for sale.
Second off, are we still using the word “boi pussy” in our vocabs in 2011?
Third, can we try to re-word that phrase in a way I haven’t heard before?

That was the text I got out the blue yesterday during “Vomit Mania” from a Wolf I met on a chat site sometime last week.
I sent him a regular face pic (that wasn’t even my best) and that is what he had to reply.

Eh, typical.

I don’t know about my other Foxes, but I have a super power.
One I am sure that is a gift, but it can also be a curse.
I have the power of sexually attracting Wolves to me.
And sometimes, I’m actually afraid to use it (see above convo).
And as much as that is a great and I shouldn’t complain…

Can being “sexy” hinder you really getting to know someone?

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I’m Too Sexy For The World

Being sexy, fine, handsome, or gorgeous as a Fox really means nothing.

As much as you think being sexy is so great,
realistically, you are 1 in a billion Foxes who are also good looking.
So let’s weep silently at those odds lol…

But seriously tho,
there are some HOT Foxes in our streets today.
If I had a appetite for Fox meat, I would pluck a few.
Sadly, I am on an all beef protein plan.
Foxes tend to come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
We can dress like movie stars and have our own as far as cribs and cars.
You go on a chat site and it can be a Wolves playground.
But I had to ask:

Is being sexy in this lifestyle all too common?

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Lay Down Some Rubber (8)

Lucky #8…
And this is a SPECIAL entry for my Wolves out there.
I have two contestants I would like you to meet…


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