I’m Too Sexy For The World

Being sexy, fine, handsome, or gorgeous as a Fox really means nothing.

As much as you think being sexy is so great,
realistically, you are 1 in a billion Foxes who are also good looking.
So let’s weep silently at those odds lol…

But seriously tho,
there are some HOT Foxes in our streets today.
If I had a appetite for Fox meat, I would pluck a few.
Sadly, I am on an all beef protein plan.
Foxes tend to come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.
We can dress like movie stars and have our own as far as cribs and cars.
You go on a chat site and it can be a Wolves playground.
But I had to ask:

Is being sexy in this lifestyle all too common?


Is Malo the new standard in sexy?
or, is he just the temporary hot Fox for 15? 

Every porn site, message board, or Wolf’s fantasy is Malo.
He is short, red bone, fat ass, and can fuck a good dick like no other.
He made his debut in porn and Wolves cannot get enough of him.
But, if Malo was just “Vance” and he did not go the porn route,
would he be just one of the many Foxes out here looking for a Wolf?
One, who like the rest of us, who can match his swagger? 

It seems that even though Wolves like and lust for Malo,
they would probably never approach him on the street.
If they saw him on BGC or A4A,
they probably would right click pass his profile or send him some boring one word chat message.
He would get lost in the shuffle and filed away with the rest of the good looking Foxes.
Why is this?
Is there just too much of us that we have become intimidating?
or, are Wolves also as scared as someone attractive as a Fox is with a fine Wolf?
And lastly, is it easier to get with someone below in looks than it is someone above?

It got me thinking about low hanging fruit…
They say fruit at the bottom of a tree is the easiest to pick,
but they are usually not the ripest or attractive than the ones on the top.
When it comes to Wolves looking for Foxes, they seem to pick the ones at the bottom branch.

Homely, easy, sometimes dusty, and all the way messy.

Typical Jackal and Hyena standard. 

Is this what is really “in” right now?
sexy with personality” out; “ugly/tranny with a fat ass and nice dome” in?
Are we who reside on the top patiently waiting for our Ideal Wolf,
with everything we are looking for since we have the right to have a choice,
to say “fuck it” and  get a damn ladder?

When it comes to being a sexy Fox…

Is it really a curse?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

86 thoughts on “I’m Too Sexy For The World”

  1. You’re right. If we weren’t privy to seeing Mall fuck like a dog in heat he’d be filed under another attractive fox. A lot of ppl would still find him attractive because of his skin tone.

    Being attractive may still have you in a big pool of other attractive ppl, but we can agree we’d rather fall on the attractive side of things than the other side, especially knowing how stuck we are on what’s on the outside.

    1. ^^Jay I am here to challenge you on that.

      If you go on Xtube,
      the ones taping these Wolves fucking them are not all that cute.
      There is a very large tubby Fox on XTube who is fucking dudes secretly,
      and he looks like a damn Mario Brother.

      Sweet Cheeks and TSBadGirl are cute, but pretty basic.

      So, it seems ugly or basic hoes are winning, yes?

      1. They are getting FUCKED, not committed to.
        Good looking foxes usually don’t engage in casual sex with dudes they don’t know where as their ugly counterparts are ass up over the bed ready to go with little or no effort.

        Im sure if you wanted to whore yourself out you’d have good looking dudes flocking as well.

  2. Speaking of Malo, about a quarter into this vid:


    You can see what malo is like when she’s being herself.. and watch and listen to the camera man blow her head up and molester her lol. She’s a cute girl, can’t say she isnt. Is she the wolf ideal? Masculine, short, light skin, tats, and a fat ass? I think so. Would she be single like the rest of us? Maybe, but i doubt she’d even be interested in settling down with just one if she’s constantly being hit up. I could be wrong but… i doubt it.

    There are TONS of sexy foxes out there. Dime a dozen. And maybe that’s the problem?

    1. “how you gonna be a bottom without a fat ass?”

      really Malo?

      Malo looks like the type who fucks where the wind blows.
      He would probably be either really low key and to himself,
      or would be fucking dudes because they said he was cute.
      He was letting the camera man feel all on his ass… for what reason?

      I think that there is so much sexy Foxes out there,
      probably with attitude and intimidate Wolves,
      that they have settled for the ugly and the basic.

      1. Well after you’ve done multiple sex scenes, i think you kind of lose that sort of “don’t touch me!” part of yourself lol. I think she’d be the type who ONLY fucks with really masculine men and would have NO ISSUES getting one. She’d probably be really mean and have men throwing money and gifts at her left and right. Prolly sleep with a few straight boys as well lol. I understand her appeal though.

        #whoisjamarifox :
        they have settled for the ugly and the basic.

        ^^If this were part of yesterday’s discussion they probably would have came on here and attacked you for that one lol.

  3. JAY :

    They are getting FUCKED, not committed to.
    Good looking foxes usually don’t engage in casual sex with dudes they don’t know where as their ugly counterparts are ass up over the bed ready to go with little or no effort.

    Im sure if you wanted to whore yourself out you’d have good looking dudes flocking as well.

    A banged up Foxtail for some good looking Wolf dick is not wassup.

  4. UrSoVain :

    Well after you’ve done multiple sex scenes, i think you kind of lose that sort of “don’t touch me!” part of yourself lol. I think she’d be the type who ONLY fucks with really masculine men and would have NO ISSUES getting one. She’d probably be really mean and have men throwing money and gifts at her left and right. Prolly sleep with a few straight boys as well lol. I understand her appeal though.

    #whoisjamarifox :

    Why do you think?

    1. Because I’ve seen her type before. Had a roommate who was kind of like her. About 5 feet tall. Masculine. Tats. And she was would tell me she gets masculine men all the time. “They say that like that I’m little” she would tell me. She had this one guy who would give her money, buy her groceries, and what not. And another who she was really into but he would blow hot an cold and they’d make up and break up. She brought home this really cute guy one day to sleep with and i remember thinking… I don’t think i ever would have guess he way gay? But good for her.

  5. JAY :

    Look Im all for an intelligent debate, but you and vain need to ease up on my busitbaby. lmao!

    ^^we aren’t going in on him.
    it is a simple discussion.
    look, i think malo is hot.
    i’d have some good fox on fox dry humping with him.
    we would cross the line and him fuckin me stupid tho lol

  6. He’s said that he doesn’t attend pride events and he only likes masculine men.

    I follow him on twitter. lol

    I think he retired. 🙁

    1. we are on in the same.
      he is my compact version while vain’s short twin, i see lol

      he may have gotten cuffed by someone serious.
      i know he said he stopped because he was going to college.

      i think it maybe for the best he retires.
      he is cute and needs that foxhole to take him to higher heights with some of these wolves out here.

    2. I mean its no shade. Shes a cute girl. Cant say she isnt. And good for her. I kind of expected that though. She may not be making as much as she thought she would have and decided to go the school root and do what she enjoys. She’s already popular anyway. Of course she only likes masculine men. Is anyone surprised?

  7. I can’t even lie, he could get a commitment in a heartbeat.

    ” Um mom this is your son-in-law Malo and we’re not giving you grandchildren, but I’ll be damned if we aren’t trying!”

    I kid, I kid…kinda lol

      1. I just like the way he fucks *shrugs* lol

        Plus seems like he has a personality that won’t have me sprinting to the door upon ejaculation. lol

        Im an aries, im destined to commit for all the wrong reasons.

      2. Plus a lil yellow dude that can fuck is to us what white/exotic women are to heterosexual blk men. Just being honest.

        1. ^ look I’d have some Fox on Fox dry action,
          like i said.
          Plus, I am sure hanging around him would help me meet the Wolf of my dreams.

          He would be the type of Fox I would be cool with in real life.

  8. I think that having it all together, all the time, can be a curse because to a Wolf who doesnt may precieve you to be a fox that wont get or choose not to go for because they arent on your level. I think the same thing applies with our looks, thats why I just sorta decided to be my simple fox, I have bad days and good days. I believe you will see them all, when I’m on which is most times I am still personable and when I’m not so on then I’m not afraid to show it because even the best fox has a down day.

  9. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^that is interesting to me.
    so “little guys” instantly win, then?

    Not instantly. Wolves tend to have more of a preference for them compared to hybrids. And it helps to be short AND masculine. Not just short in general. They see you like more of a toy. Something short and cute to toss around. Think: stuffed animal.

  10. Malo is a messy queen, arrogant, stuck up, boujee narcissistic. He for some reason feels he is the Beyonce of gay porn . He constantly disrespects the gay porn industry taking jabs at it on twitter and takes shots at other stars. He hardly ever responds to anyone tweet give him a compliment he says your ass kisser looking for his attention ask him how he doing he says why what do you want make jokes with him he goes off and say your irrelevant he is pathetic. He goes to the strip clubs in Atl buying dudes drinks getting them wasted and letting them fuck him he is a joke looks is deceiving even retired star Baby Boy has been shading him as of lately

    1. where did u get that info from that he buys dudes drinks and lets them fuck him? lol wow. and malo is nice. dont do that.

    2. Damn u have to get wolves drunk in ATL to fuck you? He should visit the lonestar state.

      Those qualities you listed described most gay/bi men in my opinion.

  11. I love malo. He is mad cool. I’ve met him personally unlike these other porn stars, malo is very easy on the eyes, looks clean and healthy. I doubt he’s a walking disease. On Twitter he always talks about being a freak but making sure you protect yourself for your future. I mean comeon its nice he realized his worth. He’s been in school and he stopped because he graduates this year. Who are we to judge? He’s too cute to do that anyways. But i mean to each his own. Let trappboy die sucking and fucking. I however feel like the gay world has so much temptation tht its hard to find true comittment.

  12. he’s cute…Nice ass…But I saw this entry on twitter…Not familiar with his work nor his name so I went to his page to check him out…His bio completely turned me off….Luie shades…Duffle bags…Evelyn Lozada…Child Please…When I get back into the dating scene…As a top I guess imma halfta find me another top who likes dick…Only fem quality I want you to have is taking dick…But that’s just me 🙂

    1. Thank you all he does is talk about bad bitches and how he get so much pussy he looks down on the gay community disses gay clubs disses pride i wish i could pull up some of his older tweets

  13. Malo is a cool ass nigga. My homeboy knows him personally. I guess true t is malo started dating some sexy ass college basketball player in the A. I guess the nigga couldn’t stand the idea of malo fucking on cam nd made him quit. Malo really likes this dude. Shit I’d quit too. Malo is a lil cocky but he’s not fem. nd he’s mad cool. Fags are so mean. And i doubt malos dude would let him buy niggas drinks nd let them fuck him.

  14. I have met Malo too and he had nothing nice to say about gay porn he does not watch it is gross he is into ladies he roll with niggas why he want to see niggas fuck the dude is a contradiction im so swagged out im a real nigga yet he acts like he is Evelyn from BBW. People need to realize everything that look good is not. He is a mean rude arrogant asshole anyone who follows him on twitter will see he is very select and snobbish but im sure most cant get over the ass pics he post to even care. You niggas can careless about his personality its his looks that got all you on his dick and he has said himself sex is sex he is just looking for a fuck nothing more. Last month he tweeted how he cant do relationships he fuck and on to the next one but then talks about rapping it up. SO i guess that makes it ok. He is garbage his porn is very blah that little squeal he makes i mean he is not the best at what he does he is mediocre but like i said this is a world where looks is everything

        1. He think he to good for dl man that is why he goes to the strip club buying bottles for the “straight” man cooling it watch them get all horny then when it is time for them to go home he try them

        2. girl u kno trade love pretty face fat ass. but like khia said u fuck em ur dead. malo is cute ill give her that but im tired of niggas all on her. for what?? fuck that hoe! nd this raz b shit that she got herself into who cares hes a fag too not suprised!

  15. And he is reading every comment in fact he is on here now creating names posting complimenting himself narcissistic personality disorder explaining yourself now that is what happens when truth is spoke if these accusations were lies he would have a nice day with his LV and Duffle bags but truth shall set you free

  16. Malo has an awful personality, he confuses being recognized in ghetto clubs with being a famous porn star. None of his videos have won awards and the only studio to ever sign him was trashy Flava Works, the home of hoodrat pornstars. Malo hides behind his looks without developing a real personality that people actually want to be around and that is why despite being so sexy, he’s still a homeless ho who couch hops. A few months ago he got into with Trap Boyy on Twitter and I suspect it’s because he’s hating on Trap’s sucess as a light skinned bottom in the game. Malo may look better in the face & waist, but Trap seems much more approachable. Once Malo realized that trap had more fans he started kissing Trap’s ass and trying to be all cozy. Fooling no one at all. Don’t believe shit just because a pornstar told you, do you guys really think Malo’s ass is in school and near graduation? Maybe a GED prep school.Bottom line is simple, if that boy had a personality half as appealing as his exterior, he’d have a man taking care of him like the real Evelyn from BBW. Instead of being passed around by the Flava Dorm fags. Like why would a dude so fine as Malo be reduced to shacking up with an average looking broke porn star who lives at home with his mama? I guess they had to be quiet while fucking. And please believe that over 90% of porn stars fuck bareback off camera, only the ones who keep it real do bareback porn, the other girls wait till cameras are off and then swap loads. Ask the bareback pornstars through DM and I promise they will tell you truth about these girls. Malo has a shitty attitude just like Ace Rockwood, two girls who are popular for being cute, but no one came name a single video they’ve been in. Snoozers.

      1. Trap Boyy read Malo into submission, he put all of his dirt on the timeline on Twitter. Talked about how the boy was shacking up with another broke pornstar from Flava who lived in Atlanta with his mama. Can you imagine having to try to quietly fuck that pretty nigga so your mama won’t hear? Trap also blasted Malo for fucking bareback off cam. Just yesterday Malo was tweeting about how Hot Rod raw fucked him while they were on e pills in Chicago. After Trap Boyy got real popular Malo started trying to join forces so she could soak up some relevancy. Who wants to date a grown ass wannabe masculine man who idolizes a Botoxed pig nosed fake ass professional jumpoff like Evelyn from BBW?

  17. LOL.. I remember when the “fabulous” Malo was so broke that he was on Twitter trying to sale a LV backpack. The same guy who is sour to be around that Phil from Flava made him sit out the rest of his contract. Think about it, if he wasn’t an asshole or just plain stupid, why would would he start off with a company like Flava who’s reputation is soiled like a shitty diaper? Tyson Kobie was smart about how he pimped the game, did the shit on his own terms. Malo had to her cakes punched repeatedly for a fraction of Tyson’s success. I gag every time I hear Malo on Twitter referring to other pornstars as nobodies. I’m waiting for this bitch to post a picture of her in her classroom at this college she supposedly attend. *taps fingers and waits* Miss Thing-a-ling on Twitter right now trying to deny the overwhelmingly negative comments that we are posting here.

    1. You are giving up nothing but truth he is very bitter and jealous he is a evil mean spirited person when i met him at Onyx he went ham on me cause i bumped him on accident called me every bitch there was til one of the guys in the club was like watch your mouth dude he backed down quick

  18. All hypersexual attraction aside, I detest this kind of talk about anyone.

    Does anyone know him personally? I would hope so if you’re as invested as you sound.

    We’re sounding a bit stereotypical.

  19. lol sometimes my wish is that if when you are seeing people hate with so much venom a picture of the “hater” should accompany all of their reads…not saying i know what they look like…but fine hating on fine carries way more weight IMO

    1. Either way its very unattractive, even if a lil bit of it is true.

      Sitting around talking down on someone else screams insecure, especially when its highly someone somewhere is talking about your dirt.

  20. there is a lot going on.

    can we stop the mud slinging and keep the attention to the actual entry at hand!
    this has become the “malo dart board” and since he isn’t here to defend himself,
    i don’t think that it is fair.

  21. These two are no one but Chase Coxxx and Trap Boyy they are mad cause someone other than them are getting any sort of attention. Trap has read Jermany Rock Remy Baby Boy Jovonnie Nick Wild he befriends them all and then get there information and spill it that is what he does. If you got to Chase page and read his tl everything truth teller saying is the same thing the same delayed reads he tried to give me last night you would be a fool to not know that that is Chase and Trap while your messy ass want to try and gag on Malo time tell the kids how you infecting niggas all over GA with aids tell the kids how me and you were bestfriends and you moved in with my homie stole his tax money he put you out and you told him you had aids which know he has dirty motherfucker low down never told that man you were infected or nothing he would have never known had he not put you out

    1. ^I remember Chase Coxxx had smart ass mouth with me on Twitter.
      He got offended because I said something about the type of men he fucks.
      Usually Asian Foxes…
      I have said fuck him ever since lol

    2. Jaytunechi talks too much shit not be showing his face so here it is: See how much shit she talks with her curtain yanked. http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/297455_227966990592119_100001364587118_553384_333702400_n.jpg Trap aint done shit to nobody and when I stopped at Chase’d site I didn’t see a single video of him with any foxes, where do these exist, I love me some Asians and want to see this. (WhoIsJar???) PS: Jay you’re close but don’t quite have the right person, I know Trap and Chase but I’m someone different, keep guessing. At least I know who you are and now so does everyone else. Thanks to anonymous for emailing me the pic.

  22. BACK TO YOUR SUBJECT JAMARI!..(btw where are all these other people at when we talk about real issues?) I think its great that there are more sexy foxes than wolves because thats sort of the point..the fox as the default “woman” in the relationship is supposed to be the flower appreciated for his beauty and treated accordingly…thats not to say the wolf is not supposed to look good and turn u on…but an abundance of sexy foxes is all good

    1. THANK YOU.
      too much drama and it really put a damper on the point of this whole entry…

      an abundance of sexy foxes are not good because they are looking like wolves these days.
      and the wolves are looking really bummy and no putting effort.
      it seems like they don’t have too.
      so does that mean that to tell a true Fox means that he is what we desire?

      1. jamari i think also some wolves are getting away with being bummy because some foxes have bought into the vixen idea..that if a man is a lil bummy and puts less effort into his appearance..he’s more masculine or str8 looking

  23. Jamari maybe you should start befriending these bummy wolves and seeing if they have better quality friends.

    If I had a nickel for every ugly fox I met who I later found out had a friend that makes me holla I’d be rich as hell.

  24. wolfstyle :

    jamari i think also some wolves are getting away with being bummy because some foxes have bought into the vixen idea..that if a man is a lil bummy and puts less effort into his appearance..he’s more masculine or str8 looking

    HELL NO!

  25. Ok so I never seen any of malos vidz or knew who he was but um not for nothing all u people tlkn down on the boii….sound bitter as fuck yal qot some sour ass taste n ya mouth gossipin n carryin on like a bunch of middle aged bitter ass women who dont got shit qoin on in they own life so they busy worryin bout someone elses…..hmmm makes no sense to me…y he started or stopped doin porn is relevent y? Its adult entertainment….. Made to entertain hell half of u r runnin around fuckn for free nd what now u bitter cuz he qot paid to do wha he do. Shawty qot it qoin on……lemme quess he pays niqqas dust so that means hes qot a bad attitude… Nah those are calld stNdards…..now put on ur “fuck me pumps” and carry on bout ya own lives cuz im very sure dis boi dont give a fuck wa u gotta say….lets remember ur tlkn about him while ur jus another bitch hiding on the other side of a computer screen. Ps. If u kno bout all his tweets u must be following wha hes doin…y…cuz u a bitter #groupie

  26. so im a top and i must say i love malos attitude equivilant to a bad bitch. i love a lil nigga who got attitude. if he was that bad you wouldnt be discussing him right. sounds like a bunch of flabby no ass havin sissys upset and looking for any type of flaw. grow up and beg someone to fuck you. mayb youd feel better

  27. Truth Teller you disgust me the most out of all of these fags who felt the need to bash malo. Who are you? And where did that info come from? Trappboy is 26 years old still doing porn and he has HIV so that’s pretty much all he can do. After almost 100 videos I’m glad he’s finally made it, but to say he back malo into a wall and that malo kissed his ass after he got “fame” is a lie I remember that Twitter beef and the next day trappboy squashed that beef between them after malo threatned to gut his ass. You are a lifeless faggot with no life writing journal entries about someone you don’t know personally.

    1. I’m a lifeless faggot for writing about someone I don’t know, but you’re ok for writing about me without knowing me? Malo used to work for a studio that was chased out of the Midwest by the Chicago health department but you assume he doesn’t have HIV? How do you figure that shit? You picked me out as the worst because i speak the most truth. Are you anymore right for defending someone you don’t know? Just because a nigga is cute don’t make him a saint.

  28. Ummm…wow. IDK what to say lol. I’ll start by saying yes, there are a LOT of hot foxes out there, and many of them give off that ‘don’t fuck with me’ vibe, which is why they don’t get fucked with.

    Malo is cute but apparently he has a bad attitude. People are always gonna find a reason to hate though. Would I fuck him?? HELLL YEA

  29. Yo, Jamari, when did your blog turn into MTO or BGC? smh

    I hope all y’all kats throwing shade towards Malo/defending him have something to say when we talk about other stuff…making my head hurt

  30. Jesus said “what is hidden in the heart will come out of the mouth.” The thing that always amazed me about the black online gay community in general is that it suffers from rampant homophobia. I think that in general I have read more homophobic comments on this post than I have ever heard in any pro sport or in any men locker room. I think that often times the things that we talk about and how we talk about them is a large reflection of who we are on the inside and what are value systems are.

    1. ^it was so bad in here.
      thread was basically hijacked and shut down LOL
      It felt like I was back in high school sitting with the cool kids again.
      it was a lot going on.
      but, the fire has simmered and we have moved on.

  31. Yo is it just me or am I the only one that thinks dude is cute but I’ve seen 1000s of better lookin dudes. Looks like just another decent lookin person in the many profiles you pass on a4a or bgc. Plus the fact that he does/did porn is probably the biggest turn off to me. #getarealjob. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if they feel otherwise.

  32. I knew this nigga Vance (Malo smh) for a while, he was a student at Kent State University in Ohio. He is a fucking mess, just check his twitter. For the two years he was here, he was involved in all types of hoe shit, at first on the DL though. He tried to pledge Kappa Alpha Psi (failed attempt), tried to get at his roommate (who was straight and wasn’t having that) and was overall just a messy queen. He ‘s sexy but not worth the trouble.

    He magically disapeared going into his junior year, talking about he transferred to a better school, and a week later I saw them cakes getting tore up on myvidster. Tragic.

  33. Ladies ladies all I see is a bunch of ladies hating on a lady who may have what u dont. Oot! I’ve read so many negative comments about this malo kid and from an outsider looking in it doesn’t make him look bad at all actually honestly it makes you girls look bitter. Grow up really. Someone has to do porn and malo aka MDonn did a great job at it. Whether you think it was basic or not the mass gassed him up for a reason move on and get over it. I see comments on his vids and guys really love him. All i see in this section of comments are a bunch of hateful bottoms and its entertaining!! So i followed malo and he came off a bit confident but scrolling through his timeline nd reading his convos with people you can tell he’s intelligent and has character. Damn is be rude and mean to people too if they tlked about me like this but as he said he could care less. So please everyone move on with your lives.

  34. yea malo use to dance at this strip club in ATL and we went because my homeboy told me malo aka mdonn worked there. he actually danced for me nd i pulled out a dollar he stopped dancing laughed and walked away. i had more money in my pocket. he is so rude nd cocky. yes hes gorgeous nd the pics do him no justice compared to in person but he should b way more humble. Hes a fuckin trip.

  35. I can’t believe I’m seeing this shit. Malo is extremely beautiful in and out. People are never satisfied. I met him in the park during pride and out of all the pornstars I met during that week he was probably the beat put together. He smelled great too 🙂 half of these comments are insecure bottoms because if I could wife malo I def. would. Stop with the negativity. Half of the “T” in this thread is bogus bullshit and any real ass nigga can tell. You go malo.

  36. all these comments on one person and you think they will all be good? No even the best gets bashed. no one ever gets perfect reviews, somethings wrong with Beyonce, Obamma, MJ, hell they even bashed Jesus. you messy queens could never come for malo nd not look tired through and delayed. out of most of the pornstats malo to me looks the freshest and itll b funny if he posts graduation pix to make all of u bitter bitches gag. i love this man. sexy fox whatever. he does it for me. damn

  37. These negative comments ladies nd gentlemen are babyboy and trappboy. That’s the true t. A lil birdy told me nd showed me proof through a DM. How low is tht? Baby boy is mad because malo is shinning trapboy is hiv infected to the brim. These lil queens wow I was shocked. Malo makes a lot of people upset I c .

  38. Thanks for some other informative website. The place else could I get that type of information written
    in such a perfect means? I’ve a undertaking that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such information.

  39. You are absolutely right, Preach it!Malo,M Don or Donn is not the Hottest GayPorn Star who is versatile and that title belongs to HotRod! I have never meet Malo so I can’t say if he’s arrogant or notYou are absolutely right, Preach it!Malo,M Don or Donn is not the Hottest GayPorn Star who is versatile and that title belongs toHotRod! I have never meet Malo so I can’t say if he’s arrogant or not but I do know that Hotrod is sweetheart who loves his fans and treats them like his friends his parents raised h but I do know that Hotrod is sweetheart who loves his fans and treats them like his friends his parents raised him with great values and he applied them to his life or he is just very wise when it to comes to socializing with different people. Now just because you say you was Raz B’s Boyfriend which most likely a lie doesn’t make you a star too Malo is not a priority because of how he looks or who he fucked. I always say treat people they way you would want to be treated regardless.

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