Blake Griffin Gets Naked

I got hip to Blake when he did his thing at the All star Game.
I thought he was fine as hell.
Other people thought otherwise.
Well, who cares what they think…

Who wants to see Blake in the buff?

Nice Blake…
Very very nice…
Here is some video to accompany your visual treat…


Why hasn’t Devin Thomas been asked to do this ad?
Who do I need to call?

I know Adrian Peterson did…

(and I appreciated that VERY VERY VERY much)

Whoever this big buff muthafucka is…

and of course Serge…


Are there any Baller Wolves you would like to see in upcoming body issues?

17 thoughts on “Blake Griffin Gets Naked

  1. Funny, I thought Blake would have more cakes, though his body is nice. He still has the adolescent acne, it’s so cute to me.

    And I don’t think LeBron would do it – he doesn’t strike me as quite that secure. Now Wade would lol

  2. Please dont judge me by the names that may appear preceeding this text, I just have a love for fine athletes:

    LaRon Landry (Thank You Jesus!!), Cadillac Williams, Chad Johnson (My God!!), Delonte West (Air Humps), Jeff Green (Bites Lip), Victor Cruz (Pounces), Matt Kemp, Wade, “Will Genia”, the Papua New Guinean-Australian rugby player, Dwanye, Steven Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, DeJon Gomes, Deangelo Hall, Terrance Austin, Lewis Hamilton, Brady Quinn, James Blake, Thierry Henri, Stephon Marbury, Vince Carter, Carlos Boozer, Marques Colston, Shawne Merriman, Jeremy Bloom, and many more.

    I decided to stop there, I have to take a shower after naming all these names. Lol, I have a thing for athletes.

  3. Blake griffin needs to be nekkid all the time. He never did it for me before. I thought people were just hyped off the fact that he’s light and has a mixed background(because a lot black folks are backwards these day). That body is serious, though. In fact, I want to see all the fine blackness that is willing to put it out there. Dez bryant, shawne merriman, and all the ones i dont know…..

    1. sam i would pay money for the larry fitzgerald and darren sharper pics…justin and osi are lil too big for my taste

  4. That’s Patrick Willis he’s a linebacker for the 49ers and jus look at Blake. He’s one of my beat of masterbation aids lol

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