did malo have a plan when he decided to get into sex work?

i thought about malo while writing about ace rockwood.
those of us remember their scene together.
when malo made his debuted before OF was a thing,
he was literally “the one to smash” in movies.
he was a cute yellow fox with a bubble tail.

the way he eye fucked these wolves when they were inside him,
it was like he was putting a spell on them.
i think d’angelo jackson said he was the best he ever worked with.
he had foxes wanting to get a piece too.
malo knew he had sex appeal but he had a plan

Get it in
Get TF out

i remember hearing that he only did this to pay for college.
once he graduated or wherever his life took him,
he didn’t continue with making movies anymore.

It’s like he vanished off the face of the social forest.

i don’t hear the forests talking about him so i guess he’s out.
here is the thing:

When you have a plan,
you stick to it.
Once you are gone,
stay gone.

that is how i feel about sex work with certain creators.
you can tell when sex work is someone’s entire existence.
that is a forest where once you make easy money,
it is easy to get stuck.
next thing you know,
you are high out your mind and trying to make ends meet.

How many folks have we fonted about who are way past their expiration dates in OF?

now they’re doing any and everything when they hate every second of it.
they have no chemistry with their co-stars or even by themselves.
it has become a dead-end job for them now.
these folks who cheered them on have turned on a majority of them.
if you are planning on entering any kind of sex work:

Have an exit plan set up.

the goal should be a house,
paying for college/trade,

or retirement.
get it in and get tf out.

lowkey: again,
malo could be a cracked-out prostitute.
i haven’t heard anything about him since he vanished.

9 thoughts on “did malo have a plan when he decided to get into sex work?

  1. I would have to disagree with you on this one, I don’t think any of these people had a plan. First, once you put yourself out there are you really ever retired if people can still consume your content?

    Its interesting because sometimes I find myself listening to some of these podcast with current and former porn actors and I recent ran across one with Tiger Red who was claiming the same, that he was in school did porn for fun, finished his degree and retired, he also talked about how he tried to get into the onlyfans space but got tired of being burned when it came to the distribution of the content being created as well as having to watch out for too many things “ health” related; and I believe that is the real rub.

    When you talk about someone like Malo ( and as a disclaimer I’m not talking about Malo specifically just the environment at the time) you’re talking about someone who was in the industry pre prep and I recall their being a massive scandal around testing and peoples statuses. Bottomline a lot of people were catching HIV/Aids and were forced out of the industry for legal and or medical reasons. Its crazy because now that we have these new medications that make you almost undetectable , people are starting to come back via onlyfans, just for fans, etc. I don’t know how I feel about that and what the legal issues are because I know that people are still being prosecuted and put in jail for knowingly having unprotected sex and spreading disease. I think these people who are coming back knowing they have HIV are putting themselves in legal jeopardy and law enforcement and the laws in general just haven’t caught up yet to what’s going on.

    Some other points, porn mostly caters to women, they are the ones who really make the money. Most males especially in gay porn pre-only fans talk about how they were only getting around $500 for a scene with professional studios, that’s not a lot of money by todays standard and I doubt $500 was much better in the early 2000’s.

    Last point nearly all of the gay adult entertainment scene especially in the black and brown community is extremely ageist, if its not young 18 to 25 people don’t seem to want it. You have a whole genre in straight porn where you have grannies still doing porn even on the black male side you still have people like Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Sean Micheals etc still doing porn grey beards and all, I don’t see that on the gay side of things.

  2. I hope they stay away because the way the industry asks for so much of you & give so little back I wouldn’t return. I think they know they are attractive but that is all they are and instead of thinking about the future they consider the now. Some people have found a way to keep things operational (drummerboi, rhyhem and etc.) They bank on appeal and the semi-celebrity status they have.

  3. XL did the same thing, even tho I’m still hoping for a return even if it’s two big videos and that’s it.

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