Dem Hips Don’t Lie Pon Tings: (Locker Room Edition)

so you know how much i love pre or baller wolves?
 how much i like a big squeezable tail?
and you probably know i like a wolf who knows how to move his hips?
well a foxholer sent me this pre or baller wolf in the locker room

i just want to plant both of my hands on those cheeks,
while he is on top,
and squeeze them hard with my approval of the pipe he is giving.

…and now i’m horny AF.
thank you.
quick question:

Would T.I. approve of this video?

lowkey: straight wolves are interesting.

23 thoughts on “Dem Hips Don’t Lie Pon Tings: (Locker Room Edition)

  1. Now I got some tea on Kendall Beckwith, He’s from my hometown of Clinton, LA. It’s a small country town and chile, country boys have the biggest asses ever! Yes gawd!

  2. off the rip, I figured he was in Louisiana. They have their own culture in the state and men are not afraid to move their ass and hips. A lot are descendants from Africa and the Caribbean

    1. Yup! Especially in New orleans, but Kendall Beckwith is not from New Orleans but from a small country town of Clinton, LA.

  3. That’s how most black african men (no matter the country) dance tho, well with more rhythm, but yeah shaking their big muscle ass. I love it. I love men.

    1. ^he was starting to become corny.
      i heard he released some sex tapes too.
      he vanished and was never seen again.
      he may have changed his screen name,
      but I stopped keeping up with him.

  4. Wait…that dude is a bestie of someone I follow on IG. He’s always posting clips of this dude doing questionable things. Makes me wonder if they’re a couple. Lol

      1. He’s friends with former LSU player @d_riley40…and he is Kendall, @kbeck_52
        Most of the clips are on Duke’s page though.

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