Marvin Bienaime Is Handsome

marvin bienaime has a knack for making me horny.
he has a meat locker that i’d love to get a taste of.
well he also needs to turn the camera on himself more often.
he is attractive.
he put this video up on his ig that i had to post…

he has nice teeth,
kissable lips,
and his skin is poppin’.i’ll also need him to drop his skin regiment in the comments ASAPY.

lowkey: marvin,
lets get on more “dear john” please?
i sorta need it.

check more marvin bienaime: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Is Handsome”

      1. Donny is like the cute boy next door and Marvin is his hot older brother who’s in college that u secretly fantasize about lol.

  1. He had a live video on IG earlier and I literally had the same thought. Nothing like beautiful dark skin and straight white teeth 😍

  2. He’s always been sexy to me. I’m biased though because he seems charismatic, well-spoken, and is successfully chasing his dream career. He’s modest about his looks (which I think is sexy), but he can turn up the heat when he wants to; he did this other video demonstrating the eye candy poses that he teaches the models to do

    1. ^i love how he does his “themed videos”.
      donny as a mechanic.
      that is actually really appealing and different.
      vixens and foxes are attracted to blue collar workers.

      1. No, everyone doesn’t know that based on the comments from the women on his page.Lol😂.Also he has/had “Ladies Man”tattooed on his chest.I remember seeing a pic of him,shirtless when he modeled for Sean John.

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