he went from a planet her to planet fitness

Are they really sad because he isn’t his past self,
or because he switched it up to fit society’s standards?

when i saw that tweet,
i remembered a past situation.

during one of my most intense struggles in my timeline,
i was dragged to a community center known for being a safe space for gay youth.
as someone who didn’t feel comfortable being gay yet,
the experience was a bit too deep for my then-fragile comfort zone.

It was there that I first noticed him...

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jonathan majors tells us what being masculine is to him

i feel like in society ^this is what people think masculinity is.
for a long time,
this is what i thought being a male was tbh.
it was working out consistently,
playing some kind of sport,
having sex all the time,

and showing dominance over all the males in the pack.
from what i saw growing up:

Being the alpha male and throwing your dick on the table.

jonathan majors got interviewed by npr the other day.
he was asked his thoughts on masculinity.
his answer

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being a bottom is a masculine act and don’t you forget it?

there is wayyyy too much shaming in the world.
the straights love to shame the gays,
but still want to purchase expensive clothing from gay designers.
the gays shame other gays for damn near everything,
but the weirdest is the act of bottoming.
that’s right.
being a fox (bottom) can bethe ultimate shameful act especially if you’re masc.
nico tortorella,
who stars on “the walking dead: beyond“,
says “fuck alla dat” because bottoming is acting very masculine.
he gave an interview with “attitude magazine in the uk and well…

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It’s Normal To Want Masculine, Sexy, With A Nice Bawdy

so let me ask you a question.
yes you,

What’s wrong with being attracted to the muscle bound,
straight acting,
maybe tatted up,


or fox?
or hybrid?
whatever you are personally in to.
why is that such a problem?
i think it’s healthy and normal.
 i’ll tell why

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Being “Masculine” Is Still An Everyday Struggle

so as you know,
i love watching “everyday struggles” on youtube.
joe budden,
dj akademiks,
and nadeska alexis discuss hip hop and topics within the culture.
i love the witty banter and joey turning into “super saiyan” especially.
well the discussion was about tyler the creator,
his alleged coming out,
and being gay in that hip hop forest.

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I Loved The “Point of Vue” From My Crush

so last night,
i decided to indulge in a bedtime story.
it would be told from my crush i wrote about yesterday,
kiing law.
as he was introduced to me.
when i met him,
i thought he was straight.
i may be in severely “deep like” with you,
but i’m respectful of potential boundaries.
i’m shy and i’m not with the “hittin on random males” shits.
what i ended up reading was a powerful story of his coming out.
he wrote it on his own blog and i wanted to share a snippet for the foxhole…
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