jonathan majors tells us what being masculine is to him

i feel like in society ^this is what people think masculinity is.
for a long time,
this is what i thought being a male was tbh.
it was working out consistently,
playing some kind of sport,
having sex all the time,

and showing dominance over all the males in the pack.
from what i saw growing up:

Being the alpha male and throwing your dick on the table.

jonathan majors got interviewed by npr the other day.
he was asked his thoughts on masculinity.
his answer


Acknowledgment of Ignorance
Use of Power

i’m gonna add communication,
and knowing how to handle conflict.
as i become more self-aware of myself,
i feel like masculinity are many things than what you see on social media.
for some gays online,
it can be the idea of top vs bottom.

“I’m not the one who gets penetrated so that makes me the man.”
“I topped this masculine presenting male so I’m the alpha male here.”

but realistically…

All of that doesn’t mean shit.
Some of these males and their personalities are extremely bitchy.

like this one:

i loved what he had to say about the roles he chooses:

you can tell he is really grounded and self-aware.
that is actually very masculine to me.

lowkey: aside from whose is topping and bottoming,
who wears the most designer,
and the cattiness of fighting over pop divas online,

i feel like many gays are more masculine than straight males.

6 thoughts on “jonathan majors tells us what being masculine is to him

  1. Masculinity is knowing when to use your strength and not abuse it, protecting and building, not destroying like these PUNKS that bring guns because of lyrics and stepping on their overpriced sneakers while they have no home in their own name.

  2. Coincidentally I just saw a post on Van Lathan’s IG regarding a photoshoot of Jonathan and MBJ.Van was addressing comments from people who were uncomfortable with the pics because they showed them be hugging,Jonathan hand on MJB’s head,etc.A lot of the comments were homophobic,saying they “looked gay”,etc.Van basically said people need to stop sexualizing vulnerable moments between Black men.

    I remember a pic of MJB hugging Chadwick from behind at an awards show party and there were similar comments.I’m glad that MJB and Jonathan don’t let toxic comments keep them from showing affection.

  3. Thank you for highlighting him. I need to re-evaluate my view.[I have always liked him as an actor]. A recent revelation made me pause. Perhaps it is me that needs more self-work on specific stances.( Black stars dating non-blacks when there are so many beautiful black men and woman)

    I can see why he gets roles and is being featured so much [ of course he is talented and has sex appeal ].

    I do wish him well and hope the “Creed ” Movie is a success!

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