being a bottom is a masculine act and don’t you forget it?

there is wayyyy too much shaming in the world.
the straights love to shame the gays,
but still want to purchase expensive clothing from gay designers.
the gays shame other gays for damn near everything,
but the weirdest is the act of bottoming.
that’s right.
being a fox (bottom) can bethe ultimate shameful act especially if you’re masc.
nico tortorella,
who stars on “the walking dead: beyond“,
says “fuck alla dat” because bottoming is acting very masculine.
he gave an interview with “attitude magazine in the uk and well…

Said Tortorella of bottoming stigma: “I think that’s just a problem with the a**hole in general, and deeming certain body parts as dirty or filthy. I think that is a deep-rooted issue with the body in general, whether you’re male-bodied or female-bodied.”

“But I think specifically for men to be put in this ‘sub-position’ is not masculine, when anyone who’s bottomed ever knows you need to man the f**k up to get the job done,” added Tortorella. “So I don’t think there’s anything more masculine than bottoming, let’s be honest.”

the judgment on being a fox is weird bro.
some folks knock takin’ dick…

… but who is gonna get fucked?

it takes two to tango.
i feel like it’s not a masculine or feminine thing either.
there are gay males that give dick and are fem.

Are vixens more masculine because they like anal sex?

what about when they strap up a straight male?
does that define his masculinty?
it helps that our g-spots are inside our cheeks as well.
masculinity isn’t about how you like to fuck or get fucked.
some straight males are feminine af and act like girls outside the bedroom lowkey.
i’ve noticed gay males who claim that bottoming is feminine tend to be feminine,
no cap.

whether dl or not,
have no issue giving a fox the penis whether he is masc or fem.
i think folks are making it deeper than it needs to be.

lowkey: it takes a lot of work to be a fox tbh.
we gotta make sure we are clean,
strave before sex,

can take dick,
suck the soul out a dick,
and keep our walls from collapsing inward.

we need to be respected just for alla dat alone.

article: towerload | entire interview: attitude

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “being a bottom is a masculine act and don’t you forget it?”

  1. Bottoms have to do soo much to prepare for sex, so any guy who say that we’re less masculine is full of it. Also 98% of these Men who scream masculine ALL OF THE TIME are annoying as fuck. There’s no masculine or feminine way lol either you fuck, getting fuck or both. Once Most Men mature and become comfortable with their sexuality that whole hypermasculine shit disappears. That’s mainly found among DL Men and trade. And it’s hilarious because they think nobody can clock them on the street. 😏🤗 people just be yourself and dont impose your insecurities on other gay men who are comfortable. Lord knows it’s taken a fight for acceptance

  2. I gladly take dick being the 6’4 muscular fox that I am and wish a fool would come to me and shame me for it. Chances are that I’m bigger than most “tops” out there so the bottom-shaming doesn’t work with me, I can make you feel emasculated if I really wanted to just by the virtue of my stature. You gotta “top” a dude to feel masculine meanwhile nature was on my side cackles

  3. it’s this hetero normative way of thinking. it’s so engraimed in us that one has to be the male and the other the female. “the top is the man and bottom the woman” ultimately I think the hate bottoms get is due to engraimed mysgony. being penetrated is what happens to women, and therefore it is deemed weaker and inferior than the person doing the penetration (the man position).

  4. I’ve been with fem tops & masc bottoms. Have had a great time with both. I tend to top more but not because I’m masc, but I hate the prep work. I’m a short guy & most guys when they find out my height (5’0) think I’m a total bottom & they could pick me up & fuck me in all types of positions they dreamed. But they get disappointed.

    People are too obsessed with labels. Now labels have labels.

  5. I love y’all but keeping it real I see a lot of bottoms hating on each other.😂 I don’t think fem bottoms like masc bottoms at all. They add a ton to the notion bottoms cant be masculine cause of how hard they be riding masc bottoms. See it all the time. I love a sexy homeboy masc bottom who not on all the extra heteronormative “open doors for me, pay for everything daddy” bullshit, those the best ones.

  6. Bottoming is work – some of y’all make it look real easy, y’all the real MVPs. A nigga tried and tried that is not my portion in life – I am quite happy being the wolf I am lol

    But there’s nothing fem about it – you choose to let someone inside you & be submissive.

    This wolf appreciates you

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