would you let trump give you a big fat kiss since he’s immune from the rona?

i’m gonna font something that might be controversial.
you might have thought it or thinking it now.

I highly doubt that Trump had the Rona

…not with how he is acting.
my friends have been saying it.
black twitter has been tweeting it.
something is off.
he had the rona,
but talking like this at his rally in sanford, florida today…

if he went in that crowd while recovering from the rona,
he wouldn’t be doing anything but killing off his main support base.

and this part:

…and the crazy part is folks believe his rhetoric.
do they live in a bubble?
still use dial-up?
i’m so confused how they don’t see the country is in shambles.
my fav:

home state?
you was born in jamaica, queens.

we know the rona is real because it has killed so many.
it just took out the mayor of a town in tennessee today:

…so i find it bizarre that trump had it,
but wants to spread it to his staff and stans.
this is all very dangerous and something in the milk ain’t clean.

lowkey: i know one thing,
after his ranting today…

i’m fully awake on these lowkey threats.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “would you let trump give you a big fat kiss since he’s immune from the rona?”

  1. In the immortal words or Robert Dinero, “fuck him!” He doing all this to avoid another debate, where he’ll be embarrassed once again when they get together eventually for the next debate.

  2. I believe he does have it.
    He is the first priority of this country, he has access to every top-notch treatment that exists. The other victims of this virus didn’t because they are simply casualties.

    His game plan is to make people think the virus was never as lethal as reported and that he was right all along. Especially since he is an overweight man in his 70s who should be severe right now. However he gets free A1 healthcare at all times, unlike the rest of the country (and trying to take the rest we do have)

    1. ^i can see this.

      that is really fucked up to even suggest on his part.
      the rest of the country can barely afford healthcare.
      he isn’t even offering to lower healthcare.
      this is all a mess tbh.

  3. I believe he had it. If he was faking it, why is he refusing to say when he last tested negative? He could easily come up with a fake test date, but he won’t because he actually had the virus and doesn’t want it to be obvious that he was exposing others even after he knew he was positive.

    Even if it was a stunt, it was dumb as hell because it actually hurt him in the polls. Biden’s lead has increased to 11 points nationally.

  4. There’s no way that trump had the rona. It was 1000% a publicity stunt. He’s obviously happy to waste resources to make his doctors to give updates on him on the tv. He’s a very sad man.

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