with all the legal coochie he could get, i hope rome flynn isn’t chasing underaged ones

rome flynn is FIONE.
i had to use caps with this one.
when he first showed up on “how to get away with murder“,
i was like…

there are some heavy allegations happening about rome today tho.
lust deactivated?
he is being accused of messing around with young vixens.
this twitter thread tho…

so instead of having his lawyers handle this,
he hopped in her dms:

“my mother is darker than you”????????

i’m confused why he thought to add that in.

so allegedly,
this all started because rome was/is following a 17-year-old music artist.
her name is malu.
( x see her here )
many are saying that being 28,
it is inappropriate.
it is strange,
i’ll be honest.
this thread has all the details:

rome sent another dm to this screen name to clear his name:

along with getting on ig live with his mom:

so with allegations like this,
we need bigger receipts to prove someone as guilty.
a tweet that “knows someone is a pedophile” is not enough for me.
we can’t become a society that goes by “i heard” or “i’ve been told“,
without having any evidence to back it up,
especially when it comes to things as big as this.

I feel like Rome should have contacted his management since that’s why he pays them.

 the audience can decipher body language and come to our own conclusions.
let’s hope this is all a misunderstanding.
we’ll keep our noses in this story tho.

lowkey: his response was way too calm for me in the dms tho.
something about that was off.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “with all the legal coochie he could get, i hope rome flynn isn’t chasing underaged ones”

  1. Putting Moms aside and googling the girl she looks young af. Really no lines blurred at all about her looking older or anything. Interesting that she has 9m followers to his 900k but still not an excuse if he’s liking half nekkid pictures from a clear little ass girl.

        1. That’s a damn lie she looks like a grown ass woman half naked and with her titties out. It’s funny that people believe this white hoe with no evidence and a like on a picture. This generation has gone to shit.

          1. She doesn’t look 10 but can easy see she’s still a bobble headed teen not all the way there yet. Don’t think she’s making accusations against him or I read wrong. I’m in my twenties too and if I was into pussy I wouldn’t be liking shit from her in a bikini.

    1. Seriously? She looks nothing like little kid with tattoos on her arms, showing side-boob with her coochie out she looks at least 18.

  2. I doubt he’s the only grown man that follows that 17yo. People need to stop with the allegations unless they have proof from the BEGINNING i.e dm’s, texts, etc… If you got em show em. Stop with this “I heard” & “Someone told me” bullshit.

    I will say his response is a little odd but it doesn’t read guilty to me. Not saying whether he is innocent or guilty but he can/should sue. People need to start pressing charges so randoms won’t be so quick to slander someone’s name.

  3. I believe it, how many people still rocked with R.kelly during the mid 90,s and beyond, even after knowing about how inappropriate it was for him to be with Aaliyah. People choose to dead the issue, when you’re famous and evidence is circumstantial. However circumstantial evidence is still evidence, just not strong. This is the problem with our community, we don’t take red flags serious. The liking her pics doesn’t bother me as much as him actually commenting “wow” on some teenagers thirst trap.

    And he does give me a strong “not into black girls vibe” even way before this post I got that energy from him.

  4. Hoes mad because he told that girl she got no hair. Lmaoooooo they taking that insult waaaaay to far. There is literally ZERO evidence. NONE

    1. Period. Plus that hoe made fun of the fact that Rome’s beard isn’t connected. All he told her to do was grow her hair as a retaliation. And now these bitches wanna play victim lol

      They better leave him alone

  5. I never understood the pedophile mindset. If your not old enough to grow a full beard, have a full time job, and have a few bills in YOUR name including a car….don’t even look in my direction. PERIOD

  6. Sooooo my question is who is going to go through and age check all 9 million of her followers to confirm who is over the age of 18 and who isn’t….also….if he is a pedophile for liking the pics does that mean that every person in her 9mil follower list who is over 18 and liked the pic is a pedophile as well???? If that’s the case do we now need to have stricter age rules on social media (you must verify your age and can’t follow anyone under the age of 18 vice versa) if everyone that likes a pic of someone young is now going to be labeled as a pedophile???? That is definitely nothing to be taken lightly BUT we also can’t start throwing that label around without any solid evidence especially when we know how it can ruin someone’s life….

  7. Omg…no. Please no. 2020 you will not do this to me dammit! We rebuke all of this in the name of Jesus 👏👏👏 Rome Flynn is my celebrity husband. Like I actually stan for him pretty hard. When he first appeared on HTGAWM bruh 😍 He’s been “new sexy” ever since. The things he does to me…chile. God bless Tiktok 😂😂😂 But, all jokes aside in all honesty I will be DEVASTATED if EITHER one of these allegations turn out to be true. Lord please end this year already 🙏

  8. 🙄 1. it’s fucking IG, people don’t be age checking before they like photos, now if he had been sending her or asking for illicit pics, then that would be a different story, and 2. It’s fucking Twitter, people accuse & make up outlandish stories all day, nothing is gonna happen to this man off some girl just saying “this happened”

  9. this is why I don’t do social media like that anymore because people can easily be falsely accused of something and people will take it and run with it. true enough, there are some major creeps online and in real life just as there are miserable people who like to cause unnecessary drama and rumors. hopefully this was something innocent but who really knows. but like my mother used to say, what’s done in the dark will always come to light.

  10. I think the logic here is very flawed. In order for the like to be inappropriate you would first have to acknowledge that picture in of itself is inappropriate and then you would have to hold the content creator, the parents, and then the social media platform responsible before you even get to the person who liked the picture, I don’t understand this new thing in our society of trying to hold the people with least responsibility the most accountable.

    I also hate how casually the word pedophile is thrown around, pedophile is a trigger word in our society that is used to elicit a visceral response, the problem is that word has a very specific definition and this situation doesn’t even come close.

    I feel bad for Rome in this situation because he is damned if he does and damned if he does not. If he says nothing, then people are left to assume some truth. If he defends himself and goes after the accuser he will be vilified because we are at a place in social media where “#black women must be protected”. Honestly, he should sue the accuser, but unfortunately so is only 20 and probably doesn’t have anything, and in this era of Covid I don’t know if you want to spend the time and resources to pursue the matter especially when it could be flipped to seem as though you are a bully.

    As a side note, I do think race is interesting in this story. Let’s face it Rome is black light skin ( biracial according to the mom) and highly attractive and the mere fact that is his liking someone’s pictures who isn’t black; can and oftentimes is a trigger for a lot of black women. If I were to critique Rome, I do think it’s corny that he is talking about how down he is for his people ( which we are to assume is black) but follows a lot of non-black women on social media. I think it does pose a rather interesting question if you’re biracial do you have any loyalty/allegiance to any particular identity especially if your livelihood is tied to a specific identity; in his case black people.

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