being a bottom is a masculine act and don’t you forget it?

there is wayyyy too much shaming in the world.
the straights love to shame the gays,
but still want to purchase expensive clothing from gay designers.
the gays shame other gays for damn near everything,
but the weirdest is the act of bottoming.
that’s right.
being a fox (bottom) can bethe ultimate shameful act especially if you’re masc.
nico tortorella,
who stars on “the walking dead: beyond“,
says “fuck alla dat” because bottoming is acting very masculine.
he gave an interview with “attitude magazine in the uk and well…

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Tyga Has A ‘Tude

largei guess this is the cons of dating someone younger than you.
by younger,
i mean not even legal to drink.
you gotta put up with their childish behavior,
the whining,
and pick up their toys behind them.
its a mess all around.
well tyga wanted it and he got it.
in a video posted by “the shade room”,
it seems he is now realizing how young kylie jenner really is…
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August “September” Alsina Ain’t Here To Be Bothered

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.56.36 PMive been lucky that all the celebs ive approached have been cool.
i’m not a big “approacher” at all.
usually ive met them working behind the scenes.
i don’t do “screaming fan on street #1937002777733”.
celebs that ive heard were asshole never showed me that side
again: i’ve been lucky.
an f-bi sent me this of august “september” alsina on a plane.
looked like a commercial flight.
apparently someone wanted to talk to him and well…
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Mr Popular, Where Are All Your Hoes Now?

“to the left, to the left”…

tumblr_m6gbj8YlOp1rul1syo1_400how true is that statement?
they say we are all replaceable.
the crazy part is,
people do not believe they are.
they think they will continue to be on top for ever.
worst when they are shittin on and using everybody.
some of you are talented enough to keep reinventing.
god has blessed you with “something” that keeps people interested.
you are talented so you don’t have to worry.
plus you are a good person and people can see that.
others depend on their looks,
or body parts.
“clocks a tickin’.”
when your time is up…

Are you okay with that?

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I Don’t Trust People… Until Its Time To Fuck Them.

tumblr_lkkpykfJ7D1qdt2yxo1_500do you believe in that statement?
does the word “trust” mean something to you?
or, do you just throw it around like the “l” word?
in life,
it’s pretty hard to love everyone,
let alone trust them.
as much as we can try,
someone always seem to fuck it up for the rest.
i had to wonder that if we all go around giving our “trust” a little to freely?
every smiling face and great conversation shouldn’t lead to showing our privates.
(see what i did there?)
at what point do you stop trusting and start guarding?
i had to wonder…

who do you trust and are you for sure?

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