August “September” Alsina Ain’t Here To Be Bothered

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.56.36 PMive been lucky that all the celebs ive approached have been cool.
i’m not a big “approacher” at all.
usually ive met them working behind the scenes.
i don’t do “screaming fan on street #1937002777733”.
celebs that ive heard were asshole never showed me that side
again: i’ve been lucky.
an f-bi sent me this of august “september” alsina on a plane.
looked like a commercial flight.
apparently someone wanted to talk to him and well…

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.45.55 PM.













the same f-bi said august september is not approachable.
so why is he a celeb again?
one thing i like about beyonce and rihanna
they appreciate their fans and stans.
they know without them,
they would probably be back in the hood doing hair.
now i know celebs can’t over extended yourself,
and sometimes you just want to be left alone,
but to write that status message under that video…

mknpppn0kzbxlw3ypxfcaugust september.
you been only been out just a little bit.
no “divo” moments yet.

lowkey: so he was on the way to dubai:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.13.01 PMthe hustle is real.

video taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “August “September” Alsina Ain’t Here To Be Bothered”

  1. Ick. I get not wanting to be bothered sometimes, he’s still human, but he walks around like he has 13 platinum albums & 75 #1 singles. Dude, IRL, you’re still a rookie. Walks around like a veteran though.

    Delusions of grandeur…

  2. i dont blame him, however to avoid public outings of fan shade he needs a stunt double. there’s a lot of light skin skinny dudes that would probably look like him with shades and a snapback on.

  3. Still don’t see the physical and music buzz over him. Lol he literally isn’t a singer.

    Hotel I work p/t at he came into town, checking in or what not with these enormous glasses on and his crew was like: please don’t ask for a pic, etc because he is tired blah blah not in a good mood. I hit their ass with a August who again? Is he a rapper? Awww ok. #RealityCheck although I knew who he was I wasn’t giving them that arrogant satisfaction.

      1. Hell yeah. That is what happened with him & the promoter in St. Louis coming to blows backstage.
        For the concert, Migos was suppose to.go before him, but instead their fligjt was delayed so they fot there late and to keep the show in continuance they asked him to go on and he was like nahh I ain’t opening/performing before them.(So I Hear/Allegedly)

  4. Oh he in Dubai? Most celebs who go over there suck, swallow, have sex, get peed/shitted on by rich men for a few coins. Trey Songz is a favorite over there too. Google it.

  5. I blame all of you all for his attitude.

    The people who support him put his his basic ass looks and basic ass music on a pedestal and now he thinks he’s some superstar.

    Slow your roll. The most you can hope for is a BET award nomination.

    No one is checking for him outside his limited urban audience.

    I swear a little money and status makes ANYONE look good to some of you guys because you can find a million dudes that look just like him or way better with more body, but some people swear he’s soooo sexy.

    I know I’m ranting but I want someone to make me see what’s so special about this dude!

    1. ^^^ My thought exactly! I’ve better at the mall… I’ll leave this one for the the teenage girls.. Next

    2. Exactly! People always pumping these celebs up. He’s cute but he always displaying a nasty attitude and anger issues. Major deal breakers. Now they think they’re on some kind of throne and can’t be bothered with us “peasants”. Never bite the hand that feeds you. Never forget who put you in the status you have now. I feel bad for the fan.

  6. See I said this once and I’ll say it again. We as to them ( REGULAR PEOPLE ) Give them to much credit… Stop acting like they above God Himself and realize that they are regular to I mean yes be humble and say hi or something you are in the light We Make You because without our support as fans where would a lot of these people be now I’m not salty because I’m not Starstruck IT IS WHAT IT IS I’m just keeping shit 100 Just like Chris Remarkable Artist but he feeling himself all the shit that has happen to him and he still being dick GROW UP DUDE You got so much more then a lot of us wish we could have in the time frame they got it and of course money isn’t everything and can’t buy you happiness if your heart seeks elsewhere I’m Good

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