Andrew Caldwell Gets Attacked For Not Being Gay No More

10930032_755166117913495_1121869839463712243_n^i don’t even…
i’m confused…
anyway so andrew caldwell,
aka “i am deliverT from the menz”,
was allegedly attacked for being not gay no more.
you read right.
he posted this on his facebook about what happened…

1622537_780058908730679_958817877587711121_o Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.39.38 PMdamn!
well according to him,
he was attacked by two assailants in a strip mall parking lot.
they just walked up to him and punched him in the face.
he says it was unprovoked.
he also claims he tried to defend himself and there were 3 witnesses.
the whole situation sounds crazy but……..
i also have a quick thought:

What if the people who attacked him were gay?

tumblr_mckeg77ypP1r9twp0o1_500i mean,
i know its far fetched,
but all these things have been happening becauseeeee….
he is straight now?

i’m confused.
he isn’t really too liked by the gay community for his “anti gay” bravado rants.
i’m looking at it at all angles.
he seems very odd and attention-seeking,
but i hope he stays safe out here.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell Gets Attacked For Not Being Gay No More”

  1. i think it’s sad that people are offended by his perspective…if he feels he’s been delivered and is no longer homosexual than so be it, but to attack him no one deserves that…i run into people both str8 and gay that say some crazy off the wall things but they’re entitled to their opinion and i feel he was attacked by gays because lord knows black gay men are always so deep in their feelings if you say something they dont like or reject them they turn into the most bitter people ever lol…he better be careful out here

      1. yes he’s an attention whore he probably did it to himself like that chick on a thin line between love and hate lol people will do anything for ‘fame’ and after one gets attacked dont you call the police or etc who the hell posts on IG after something like this?!?!?! common sense isnt that common anymore lol

      1. Hey jamari how ya doing? I have to say I’m over here gagging right now if this is indeed a real situation this is so wrong people can be so evil its a same but jamari i have a question why it seems like you guys are so hostile toward this man I mean I don’t get it he seems to have offended straight and gay people it seems like he can’t win what’s up with that?

      2. I am not Gay but I have several issues with this guy.Firstly I have an issue with him attributing his homosexuality to being raped.Secondly I have an issue with him stating homosexuality is wrong.He can say It’s wrong for HIM.Lastly I think he is a famewhore who will do anything for fame.When I emailed J about this I wrote he ” claimed ” he was attacked.I chose that word because I have my doubts.I will wait to see what the police have to say about this attack.I find it odd you can be beaten by two men and only suffer a bloody nose.No black eye, no bruises, etc.I am sure there were security cameras at the strip mall.So we will see…

      3. OK I get what your saying but jamari let me say this this man is confused and I’m sure he feels like the whole world is against him gay people don’t want him and straight people definitely don’t want him regardless of how saved he claims he is straight people are gonna laugh behind his back still and this man gonna be living on the sidelines miserable and broken so I urge you to reach out to him because his gonna need the very same community he turned his back on.

  2. I don’t know whether he was attacked, but based on his being a person who craves attention, I suspect that he was not. If he was attacked, shame on the people that attacked him. If he was attacked, shame on him.

  3. I see he’s still wearing that faux fur jacket. But I honestly don’t believe he was really attack because like Y Colette said where the bruises and cuts? I mean if he really was punch in the nose then why his nose is the same size when it should swollen and puffy. And strip mall? Maybe that where he probably bought fake blood

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