Here Little Demon, Demon (Drink This Benadryl and Wait 5 Minutes)

demonic jackals come in many shapes and sizes.
that creature who just shot up the high school in florida is one.
that orange sludge who is running this country to hell is another.
i’m about to show the foxhole a little one i saw today.
this one was left to run wild on an 8 hour flight.
this is up close and personal footage with a mini…
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August “September” Alsina Ain’t Here To Be Bothered

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.56.36 PMive been lucky that all the celebs ive approached have been cool.
i’m not a big “approacher” at all.
usually ive met them working behind the scenes.
i don’t do “screaming fan on street #1937002777733”.
celebs that ive heard were asshole never showed me that side
again: i’ve been lucky.
an f-bi sent me this of august “september” alsina on a plane.
looked like a commercial flight.
apparently someone wanted to talk to him and well…
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