Tyga Has A ‘Tude

largei guess this is the cons of dating someone younger than you.
by younger,
i mean not even legal to drink.
you gotta put up with their childish behavior,
the whining,
and pick up their toys behind them.
its a mess all around.
well tyga wanted it and he got it.
in a video posted by “the shade room”,
it seems he is now realizing how young kylie jenner really is…

7046_originali guess he wasn’t camera ready?
i figured he’d more angry to see what she looks like without makeup.
i have a feeling this little alleged union is going to end soon.
just a hunch.

lowkey: what was with that annoying voice she was doing?

video taken: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Tyga Has A ‘Tude”

  1. I guess she though she was being cute in a sexy way with the that voice , NOT!

    I’m surprise he’s mad she’s postings every little dumb thing to social media, I thought that’s what he got with her for.

  2. To think I crushed on him when he first came out…

    I give everyone here the permission to slap the shit out of me, just once.

    1. I never thought he was that cute but IMO he looks better now than he did when he first cam out. His new veneers helped him so much.

  3. That voice of hers I couldn’t deal with that for more than two seconds, everything about her just seems fake. So did Kylie post this or was it leaked because I’m lost.

  4. I really don’t get why yall mad about them. Is he the first man to date someone younger than him? I mean Jay is 12yrs older than Bey, Paul walker was dating a 23yo girl he was 40, let’s not talk about R Kelly or Madonna. Ok you gonna say “but it was legal”, but it’s not like kylie was a 12yrs baby, she was 17 he was 24 or 25 that really not a big deal. And now she is 18 so it’s legal, give them a break, let them live, they’re hurting nobody. If the family is ok with that i don’t see why yall are mad. Jeez i’m mad cause i can’t even stand those kardashin/jenner (espacially the biggest attention whore Caitlyn), but i’ve to defend them cause all that hate is way too much.

    1. @Louis…it is a big deal because in essence it’s statutory rape. Even if she is of age NOW…she wasn’t back then when he started messing with him.
      He was a grown ass man messing with an underage girl. What’s sadder is that the families allowed this to happen. If Kylie were my child, Tyga’s ass would’ve been locked up. Straight up.
      It’s not legal. Damn…Tyga that desperate that he can’t find a woman HIS age?! Come on! PLENTY of women his age are probably throwin the ass at his declining career-ass!! LOL
      Kats like him, R Kelly, and Wilmer Valderama (stayed fucking underage girls) disgust me.
      If Jay was messing with Beyonce while she was underage…they did a damn good job of hiding it! But i don’t believe for a minute her mother or father were going for that! They were probably like, uh uh…you wait til she’s legal! LOL

      1. But that’s the point, she’s NOT your chil so get over it. Is she in danger? No. So let’s back to our own business. It always amazes me how folks can focus on other people live so bad and judge all that when their own shits aren’t together. It’s really not a big deal, it’s only cause it’s Kylie JENNER. I know plenty of 17yo girls/boys dating/fucking 20s people, HS folks dating college folks etc. Like age of consent in many states is 16 (ok not in CA) and yall wanna act like tyga is a 60yo man raping a 9yo girl. It’s was’t legal but it’s not that bad. And tbf when she was underage we didn’t see them even kissing, so there is no proof of statutory rape, it’s legal to hang out with a underage girl.

  5. I don’t see it. This all looks playful. He don’t sound as annoyed as you’re making him out to be. Ugh, is that how he looks in video????? He looks better in photos. Tyga ain’t going no where (Imagine Steven J’s voice when you read that), Kylie the only one making him SOMEWHAT relevant. It was years before i heard about Tyga again before this whole Kylie thing. If they do break up i think Kylie would be the one to dump him. When and if she does he better ask Chris Brown for the “light skin privilege for dummies” hand book when they breakup. Otherwise he’ll be a popular attentinisto for #eggplantfriday with all that pipe he was sending to that Transgender women.

  6. He’s sexy. A little skinny. But sexy. And all men have had this moment. Trying to get work done/thinking about money and here comes bae being an attention seeking asshole. The reaction is such.

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