Do Unto Others (Or Get That Ass Dragged To Hell)

tumblr_mwufjbd3uF1qkvok3o1_1280“do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

the golden rule.
one of my favorite foxholers had to remind me when it came to work wolf.
its apparently the pope’s favorite phrase.
he used it to address congress,
a forest that definitely needed to hear it,
on thursday evening.

i follow that rule.
i was taught in order to get respect then you have to give it.
i won’t lie,
i have had to verbally assassinate many characters along the way.
they all deserved it.
god has worked on me since then.
you try to be good to these morons out here,
but they return the favor by stabbing you where it hurts most.
so i had to wonder that should we always treat people good…

Even though they don’t necessarily do it to us?

i didn’t speak to mi for a good week 1/2 since her foolishness.
i saw her around the house and politely ignored her.
when i saw her when i was coming/going,
she was not greeted with a “hello” nor a “goodbye”.
i noticed as that was happening,
the house would be getting cleaner and cleaner.

dishes would be washed
living room would be tidy
bathroom would be clean
attitude was (kinda) in check

it was like the more i ignored her with no explanation,
the more she would do right.
be worried when i don’t speak to you.
well as soon as i started speaking to her again,
even trying to show her kindness,
it’s like she started to fall off and do the same shit.
needless to say i was happier,
much happier,
when i froze her ass out my life.

giphywe all want to be treated fairly.
i know that i want people to treat me how i treat them.
alas many don’t follow the golden rule.
see i get very passionate about people in my circle.
i’ve even given my unsolicited advice to randoms when i see them fuckin up.
when i was doing my own fuckin up way back them,
and crying out for help,
i noticed people would ignore me.
the same people when they needed me,
i was there.
i remember someone i once helped,
letting them borrow a lot of money which they never paid back,
said they didn’t know how to help me because they didn’t think i’d listen.
i’m sorry?
needless to say:
tumblr_lnlkzldmdr1qeh39oo1_500so in this world of fuck shyt and fakery,
do you treat everyone fairly?

even if they are on some UN-mannerly bitch shit?
do you show them love and kindness,
even when they show their ass the first time?
its like people will treat to you reckless,
but the moment its done to them,
suddenly they don’t know how to take it.
suddenly they are victims.
suddenly they want to cry and run to mommy.
naaahhhh muthafucka…
tumblr_mqckyqzKNe1sba90go1_500you stand right there and take that dragging.
you need to be humbled.
so i wanted to know if you really follow that way of living?
the “do unto others as you would want yourself” package?
and if you do then…

What are the real benefits?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Do Unto Others (Or Get That Ass Dragged To Hell)”

  1. I for one follow that rule. I have a long history of checkin the shit out of people. I dont mind gettin in sombodies ass because if im on some stupid shit I would want them to check me. Thats do unto ithers as you would have them do unto you. I always make sure though that I am rarely on bullshit, thats why checkin me rarely goes well for people. I always treat people with respect so I dont tolerate disrespect at all. I think alot if people are self centered and so they dont make it a point to try to do things in a fair way. Thats why when i totally bring them off their high horse i never feel bad about doing so.

    That do unto others is not always sugar and spice, you have to let people know how to treat you. Alot of oeople only respond when you put fire under they ass. Thats why you have noticed mi and work wolf respond how they should be treating you when you don’t make things easy for them. They have both displayed self centered attitudes and those attitudes nerd adkusting from tome to time. Never feel bad about humbling somebody, especially when you know you are a humble person. Sometimes doing unto others means not allowing them to continue their bullshit. You dont always have to be nice, and it does not make you a bad person.

    1. ^I LOVED THIS!!!!

      i love when the foxhole shows every inch of intelligence.
      i am taking this and copy/pasting it in my notes.
      i will read it when I feel I am overstepping being humble.

      i don’t play with how I am treated.
      work wolf knows i will check him in a heartbeat.
      mi has way too much attitude.
      after our last altercation,
      i don’t feel comfortable with her as I once was.
      ignoring her seems to work better.

  2. I live by the golden rule. It was always spoken to me as a child. Most important aspect of that rule is definitely respect! You don’t have to know someone to respect them, u know, having manners and being polite.

    However, I had to get burned a few times to realize that not everyone live by that rule. I would also say there are exceptions to step away from that rule and put some deserving people in their place under the right circumstances which is different for everyone.

    Despite not always getting back what I put out, even though it may be hard sometimes, I still live by the golden rule.

    1. ^good comment tp.

      I love how you are saying that you can put someone in check.
      you can’t be scared to check someone on their disrespect.
      it’s like people,
      and even dating,
      is physiological warfare these days

  3. The golden rule are words I live by, you can’t expect respect unless you give it as well. A lot of people seem to forget this and treat people like total crap but than act surprise when those same people go off on them.

    I see with mi you found a way to get her to act right but damn she should want it better. She shouldn’t have to be shunned to act like an adult smh I hope once the conversation does start back up she doesn’t revert back. I know you can’t wait until you can have your own space back.

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