Do Unto Others (Or Get That Ass Dragged To Hell)

tumblr_mwufjbd3uF1qkvok3o1_1280“do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

the golden rule.
one of my favorite foxholers had to remind me when it came to work wolf.
its apparently the pope’s favorite phrase.
he used it to address congress,
a forest that definitely needed to hear it,
on thursday evening.

i follow that rule.
i was taught in order to get respect then you have to give it.
i won’t lie,
i have had to verbally assassinate many characters along the way.
they all deserved it.
god has worked on me since then.
you try to be good to these morons out here,
but they return the favor by stabbing you where it hurts most.
so i had to wonder that should we always treat people good…

Even though they don’t necessarily do it to us?

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The Pope and His ArchBishop: 2013 Bonnie and Clyde?


how many people knew this?
i am in complete shock.
then again i shouldn’t be because:
priest + gay = duh.

Pope Benedict XVI's Personal Butler Arrestedallegedly the snow something on his left is the pope’s boyfriend.
who would have known?
i never kept up with them anyway,
but this is what everyone is talking about….

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