I Don’t Trust People… Until Its Time To Fuck Them.

tumblr_lkkpykfJ7D1qdt2yxo1_500do you believe in that statement?
does the word “trust” mean something to you?
or, do you just throw it around like the “l” word?
in life,
it’s pretty hard to love everyone,
let alone trust them.
as much as we can try,
someone always seem to fuck it up for the rest.
i had to wonder that if we all go around giving our “trust” a little to freely?
every smiling face and great conversation shouldn’t lead to showing our privates.
(see what i did there?)
at what point do you stop trusting and start guarding?
i had to wonder…

who do you trust and are you for sure?

i learned you can’t really trust anyone these days.
shit i’ve been betrayed faster by people i knew for years.
i believe in telling people what you want them to know.
some people you just can’t tell shit.
one of my favorites,
sent me a recent conversation he had on kik.
kik is something i usually see people have in their instagram statuses:

“kik is: cumgetsomeofthisbooty
“kik: swallowthatslime (serious career inquires only)”

it seems like a tool for people to make “arrangements” on.
nothing more or less.
so he got hit up by a fox,
one i have featured before with a fat donkey,
and the conversation went something like this:

his whole attitude situation was stank.
he thinks because he has a fat ass,
that attittude is tolerated.
the werewolf side of me woulda said:

a) fuck him until he needs physical therapy.
b) have him begging for the pipe again.
c) only time he will get it again is when he is dreaming or jacking off to the memory.

he also seems desperate as hell.
he had a man,
yet he was still hungry for more dick?
he said “i trust folk“,
but can he trusted?
this is,
if he even has a wolf in the first place.
if i was with my man,
especially a baller wolf of my dreams,

do you think id be on kik looking for unfamiliar pipe?

tumblr_m5xcqoaeIs1qfjqcko1_500the thing that kills me is this is the state of relationships today.
that whole conversation is exactly what i “be” talking “bout”.
kinky said something in one of the comments recently that i completely agreed with.
i never get hit up by single wolves.
i always get the wolf my friend likes,
the wolf who is with my friend,
or the wolf who is with a vixen i know/cool with.
there are some people out there who are completely faithful.
they get the draws and panties thrown at them and still manage to keep it in their pants.
there are others that can’t fully grasp the concept of “committed”.
i often wonder why even get into a relationship in the first place?
is it to feel safe in knowing,
after how much hoin’ you do,
you still have someone to come home too?
i find it all pretty ridiculous and makes you see n*gg*s really ain’t shit.

i started to wonder trust.
it should be applied to everyone.
and of course him.
once you do get the “him”

how do you trust him?
how do you go to work,
go out,
or even to the bathroom and know he is doing you right?
hell how does he know you are doing the same?
in a world where you can order hot butt cheeks/pipe online,
i had to ask…

when do you fully start trusting someone?

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust People… Until Its Time To Fuck Them.

  1. I’m a little different in that, I’m like The Man and Tyson. I disclose with equal disclosure but I also am very private. However my difference lies in the fact that I give out misinformation or half truths. Some like to call these lies. Lls. its all about perspective. *shrugs*

  2. I don’t give my trust to everyone. I really believe in your belief of “telling people what you want them to know.”

    I’m a very private person, always have been, so I don’t tell anyone my business. If I do tell you anything, just know that I do trust you. When I tell people some things, I normally regret it because they now have something that they can use against me.

    After what happened to me the last time, I said I will never give someone that much of me again because you never know people’s true intentions.

    1. ^man gave excellent advice t,
      make sure what you are telling is just as detrimental as what you know as well.
      people only use things over they when you are guilty.

      you are right to keep your shit to yourself.

  3. This is a very good post Jamari this is something that alot of people think about but never talk about because I think the hardest thing in this world is to truly trust someone but as you grow up you learn that eventually you have to trust someone and I think someone will come into your life that will show you they can be trusted don’t let someone elses story or past hurts cloud your judgement or you will be spending the rest of your life alone because you weren’t brave enough or strong enough to trust and love I encourage everyone who reads this blog to know that there are some people in this world that can be trusted but you have to do your part and don’t break their trust because that will make you the asshole your scared the other person might be. Trust starts from within so you must learn to trust that you deserve to have someone in your life that you can trust and that will trust you

    1. ^thank you for your words wise.

      i find it so hard to trust people because you just never know.
      you meet someone,
      think they have your back,
      and are all about stabbin’ you in it.
      i’m sure in every regret is a lesson,
      but when you meet someone new,
      they feel the wrath of last person (people).

  4. I start trusting someone when they trust me. I only disclose things to people who have disclosed things to me, just so I can have a lil insurance just in case something is said.

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