Donald Trump Gets Grabbed By The Balls


well when you’re a sexed crazed idiot
so donald trump got caught up in some (more) shit.
a video was leaked of him talking absolutely disrespectful about vixens.
he was talking about various vixens he tried,
one in which was married,
how he gets pussy because he is a “star”,
and “grabbing them by the pussy” to billy bush of “access hollywood”.
it was secretly recorded on the set of “days of our lives” in 2005.
this was when he was making a cameo on the show.
here is the video of the leaked convo:

and now lets get into the apology he posted on his facebook…

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The Convo About The Masculine and The Muscular

tumblr_n6939dyGF81t2c1nno1_500so today while i was “kinda” working,
i was also talking to one of my favs in emails.
we were having a real discussion about an attentionisto wolf on social media.
 he said this in one of our exchanges:
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I Don’t Trust People… Until Its Time To Fuck Them.

tumblr_lkkpykfJ7D1qdt2yxo1_500do you believe in that statement?
does the word “trust” mean something to you?
or, do you just throw it around like the “l” word?
in life,
it’s pretty hard to love everyone,
let alone trust them.
as much as we can try,
someone always seem to fuck it up for the rest.
i had to wonder that if we all go around giving our “trust” a little to freely?
every smiling face and great conversation shouldn’t lead to showing our privates.
(see what i did there?)
at what point do you stop trusting and start guarding?
i had to wonder…

who do you trust and are you for sure?

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I Want To Get Inside His Brain Without Having Him Inside Me… Yet.

hoe-mones” are a big fucking problem.

those who aren’t getting it like rabbits in spring are horny as hell.
no, you aren’t weird.
the world is just a dangerous place.
plus, we want a steady fuck buddy/relationship these days.
not, “yet another new tag on our walls tonight lifestyle.

when you get tired of meeting the same ol same ol,
you become celibate.
you hope that as you live your life masturbating quite frequently,
you will meet someone that will finally give you a regular smash session.
but, what happens when your “hoe-mones” take over and cloud your judgement?
it doesn’t allow you to take it slow?
and, is it the cause of insecurities we may have when we meet someone new?

i started to wonder…

Do you have too much sex on the brain?

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