I Want To Get Inside His Brain Without Having Him Inside Me… Yet.

hoe-mones” are a big fucking problem.

those who aren’t getting it like rabbits in spring are horny as hell.
no, you aren’t weird.
the world is just a dangerous place.
plus, we want a steady fuck buddy/relationship these days.
not, “yet another new tag on our walls tonight lifestyle.

when you get tired of meeting the same ol same ol,
you become celibate.
you hope that as you live your life masturbating quite frequently,
you will meet someone that will finally give you a regular smash session.
but, what happens when your “hoe-mones” take over and cloud your judgement?
it doesn’t allow you to take it slow?
and, is it the cause of insecurities we may have when we meet someone new?

i started to wonder…

Do you have too much sex on the brain?

i will admit that if i start dealing with a wolf,
and he doesn’t want me sexually off the bat,
it actually threw me off.
i guess i’ve been trained to expect every wolf who wants me to flirt with me and show he is interested.
the wolves i’ve dealt with wanted to bone me when they first talked to me.
i think i have the word “hoe” and “moan” on my forehead.
they would take it slow for a little while,
and then the sex talk would start full tilt boogie.
sometimes, i initiated it.
before you know it,
we were sexting and phone boning before we actually fucked.
sometimes all three at the same time!
i can multi-task.

someone i know refereed his associate to me recently.
he needed advice on something dealing with the industry.
the storm has me sheltered for right now so i said, “why not?“.
when i got the resume with pictures,
i found out it is a wolf that i have had a crush on for a while.
he was a wolf that has been tumblr re-blogged many times.
i even featured him on my site at one point.
he took my information and we started speaking about business stuff.
the convo then took a turn to other subjects like music and his life story.
i could tell there was a little interest.
we were on the phone for two hours.
what threw me off is we actually had a decent conversation without sex.
my crush turned out to have a brain, goals, and a point of fucking view
…and that turned me the fuck ON HEAAAVVVVYYYYYY.
i was interested,
but i don’t want to jump to conclusions too early.
he said he would hit me up again because i was cool and funny so we will see.
i’m not getting my hopes up, but i do hope it happens.

meeting a wolf who actually wants to take it slow is surprising.
i won’t lie and say that sometimes,
i’m not in the mood to talk about sex.
most of the time, i like it done on my watch.
(that’s the control freak in me)
but, i feel the pre-screen of the lifestyle is sex talk immediately.
have you ever texted some of these wolves?
lowkey: i wonder if that same wolf i crushed on would act the same way if i randomly met him on a social site?
since some of these wolves like to play “the female” and want to be catered too,
it can be hard to decipher the signs.
only to be told that:

“well, i wanted to take it slow but you wanted the dick.”
“we fucked on the first night so what did you expect?”

or my favorite:


(that’s because you let him beat it up and now he is off to the next)

look we all want sex.
but, some of us want to be taken seriously after.
we want to be in your life even if sex doesn’t happen again.
but in a lifestyle built on dick and ass,
some of us jump in head first.
have we been trained to look at each other as sex objects only?
shit, do we look at everyone as a potential sex object?
what happened to using our brains without giving brain?
how do you stop your “hoe”mones” from raging enough to just talk?
i had to ask…

Does everything always have to start with DTF (down to fuck)?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Want To Get Inside His Brain Without Having Him Inside Me… Yet.”

  1. how crazy i wrote this entry and then i get an email with an f-bi who sent me the following.
    i had to post it in here.
    very deep words (read bottom up):




    even tho she is speaking about “vixens”,
    there is a message in there somewhere.
    find it.

  2. i applaud you for not wanting to be just another fuck number and wanting more and everything in all those tweets i know someone can relate to at least one of them. i think thats the problem with humans in general is that things are set one way like its a one size fit all shoe when everyone isnt gonna be able to do that shit consistently. especially sex. off topic lol. i think people feel like relationships are overrated and so they wont want to pursue anything more than sexual. not everyone just alot of people. and i honestly believe people are using sex as they would a drug because it makes them feel good they gonna want that feeling alot. i do hope that wolf you met turns out to be everything you want him to be. i had all the old people constantly telling me “good things come to those who wait” while i was in the store yesterday so keep your head up you should be proud of the things your doing because i know its not easy.

    1. ^its a drug until their ass gets hiv and then wants to sit around,
      giving people lectures and shit.
      save the sob story.

      I mean am I making sense?
      i love a nigga to pipe,
      especially a fine one,
      but a different nigga every night for a life of diapers?
      im good.

      1. i completely agree! where i live at i left all my “friends” for that very reason. birds of a feather flock together. i dont want no different dude in my bed every night. i dont want no type of diseases nor do i want to wear depends by the time im 40. my “friends” was fuckin different dudes and wanted to know how they got this and that and then tried to put me on to a wolf/hybrid they fucked. hell no im good using my hand lol. you make perfect sense to me but to other maybe not. i cant speak for them because i dont know what goes through they mind outside of sex. im only speculating but it could be self worth issues, family issues, or just plain lonely. i love pipe/ass just as much as the next person but thinking towards the future whos gonna want a dude who has no walls?

        when it comes to hiv people never realize how serious that shit is until it happens to them. i had hiv + friends who didnt take that shit seriously and got it from doing off the hook shit. they learned the hard way……hard head makes a soft ass. last year when i went to pride there was this hiv+ dude there giving theatrical performances about hiv and how he just KNEW someone would want him regardless i was looking like 0__0 let me move from this drunk ass mofo! nothings a game anymore and to me it never was

      2. I do not want a man who has to wear diapers unless he is old or has a medical issues. It doesn’t make sense. I understand that some men want a fantasy but is it worth it?

  3. ^ i can tell you if i ever meet a dude and he tells me he has to wear depends cause he dont have any walls hes getting laughed out! i wouldnt do it to his face tho. im all for some fantasies but one that might have me in depends? nope thats ok. thats why i cant get understand fisting……..uggghhhhh

      1. lol it became ok when people stopped giving a fuck about they body and started doing wild ass shit. in my mind it isnt ok. i dont even wanna think about wearing depends when im 60. none of my grandparents had to and thats what im looking forward to

  4. Question.

    What the hell are two men who have nothing in common but their mutual sexual attraction to each other suppose to talk about besides sex?!

    Men don’t seek out other men they have common interests with, they seek guys they would fuck in a heartbeat if the situation presented itself. Even when dudes realize nothing is there but the insatiable urge to do nasty things to this person, they think to themselves “How can I force this? How can I make it work?” Lol

    1. ^sounds like we are doomed to a life of just fucking each other.
      nights upon nights of sex.
      i’m glad I left online sites then.

      im bored seeking that out.
      maybe im wired different than others.

      1. Nope. You aren’t unique in that aspect at all. Even the worse sex fiend wants someone they can just talk to and have it be “easy”.

        The problem is it’s easier to find someone to fuck.

        Furthermore, being authentic is an rare quality. So many dudes put on an act to get someone and they have to keep that act up to keep them. Don’t pretend to be trade just to bag a dude when you know you’re a cunt.

        Then you have men who know nothing but parasitic relationships. I’m Top, you bottom. Period.

        Maybe my lack of love experience has caused me to romanticize the idea.

        If we have nothing in common that’s fine, but if you like rock climbing and I like weight lifting why can’t we go rock climbing one day and go to the gym the next day? Expand my horizons.

        I don’t see that kind of effort from thee majority. The stories are all the same. We met on faketrade.com and I exchanged a few text messages. He sent me a pic of his dick. I went to his place. We smoked, chilled a few times. He let me see his dick. We fucked. That’s how the vast majority of encounters go. Just because he paced how fast he’d smash you doesn’t make you any less of a slut than some dude who came over and said let’s skip all this and fuck asap.

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