The Convo About The Masculine and The Muscular

tumblr_n6939dyGF81t2c1nno1_500so today while i was “kinda” working,
i was also talking to one of my favs in emails.
we were having a real discussion about an attentionisto wolf on social media.
 he said this in one of our exchanges:

Getting to know him would most likely lead to major disappointment. I doubt he has a real world point of view about life or much experience outside of the gym or a party. I imagine him to be flaky and easily distracted. Someone to look at and that’s about it until the next big thing comes a long. And it will come. We seem to go through attention whores quicker than the straights do. We can get deep and talk about how we shouldn’t be giving attention to individuals who seek it out. How attention whores have largely been lighter skinned, masculine, tatted, and spend large amount of time in the gym. How we have created a new standard of beauty that has a lot of us comparing ourselves and subsequently feeling inadequate when we don’t measure up. I remember one guy on facebook asking why there are so many masculine, muscle bottoms and i told him its because tops have been sending out the consistent message of “No fats, no fems” so bottoms, who typically do not have their choice in men, had to conform.

I remember, prior to this boom in gym culture, when wolves needed “swag” more than anything. “He’s not cute but he had swag.” How he carried himself was more important than how low his body fat content was. If he had an athletic build, that was more of a bonus. But times have changes and we’ve already had these conversations.

tumblr_inline_n30z5nZbth1qzevc9i felt myself cringe somewhere in the “so many masculine, muscle foxes” part.
he is right tho.
some of these attentionistos know how to ride a dick like they horseback riding.

it’s life.
every other community goes through this.
the way how i see it is this.
online doesn’t represent whats out in the real world a majority of the time.
if that was the case then these attentionisto wolves would actually be successful.
even celebrities for that matter.
they wouldn’t be online taking ODee pictures for likes.
they wouldn’t be “personal trainers” because they got pecs.
they wouldn’t be complaining about why they’re single.
they wouldn’t get “smashed and dashed” like the rest of us.
they aren’t perfect.
they are looking for love just like the “peasants” in their comments.
see real life is where it really matters.
ive gotten my share of sexy muscular masculine wolves before.
they knew i was a fox.
its in my scent.
they could sniff out what i wanted a mile away.
we get so wrapped up in these images,
or what ratchet gays say online,
that we second guess what we want.
i have hope my wolf is out there.
realistically yes…
they are a couple masculine muscular foxes.
they cute.
they ain’t me.
some i’m sure i’ve posted about too.
i will continue to stay optimistic that “he” or “they” is out there for me.
he is currently looking for me.
there are exceptions for the new rules.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Convo About The Masculine and The Muscular”

      1. Well if you live in NY you can go to El Morocco or Castor or travel to the islands cause I know plenty of PR and Dominican men who love to date a moreno(black American). Learn how to cook spanish food is big for us. Matching personality is great like any country.

  1. There is perhaps more prevalence of these A-1 foxes than 20 years ago, but most of the masculine muscular types are still total tops. So I think that phenomenon he talks about is a bit exaggerated.

    But I agree that it’s a safer bet not to entertain these attentionistas beyond their looks. They’re usually fun to watch for an hour then I move on to the next one. I have to admit that even looking at your ‘meat’ posts I’m like ‘yeah, ok *shrugs*’ because as much as I like their bodies, they are a dime a dozen.

    1. ^i think the thrist for attention is a dime a dozen.
      people using their bodies on Instagram for shoutouts.
      I can’t,
      but I still like a wolf with the body I like.

  2. Y’all do know that in 2014 that the idea of a total top has just about faded. We’re in an age of sexual freedom and expression. And men who, long ago, may have been classified as a man’s man more than likely are seeking a sexual encounter with another man TO GETs SOME DICK. I think today’s African-American society has really created the “straight appearing” bottom. Just my thoughts…

    1. ^sadly all this “sexual freedom”…
      is still leading to nowhereville.
      i have yet to see all this dick giving actually leading to something serious.
      well serious diseases.
      personally this whole sexual freedom is all in the straight and lesbian communities as well.
      everyone wants to fuck,
      fuck in whatever way possible,
      and then be an after THOT when the night (or day) is over.
      it’s ridiculous.

    1. I can’t speak for all wolves on this, but I don’t want a Fox built like JJ over there. That is a bit big, no matter how fit I am. I don’t even want to be that big, or anywhere near so… lol. Built men are nice to look at, but I like my guys more on the slim side. Feel me?

  3. Thank you J!!! I’ve called back when there was a sudden surge in the workout field. Everywhere you look it about the herbal life there are barely any differences online and sometimes in real life. The funniest thing is that wolves with out a body and-or looks are trying to be picky now-a-days. I just try my best not to worry about as I don’t feel the need to compete with someone whom will not notice me afterwards. I like seeing people fall in love but I don’t do Spanish, Asian or white wolves. They are sexy but I want someone I am drawn to and compatible with.

    1. Yea I feel you. I am attracted to other races, but at the end of the way, I need someone in my own race. A black man is the only one who can rock with me and understand me

  4. This is an interesting topic man. Just like the entertainment industry, instagram is made up of smoke and mirrors. Don’t believe the hype. You would be surprised if you knew what these people are like in person. Some of them are brainless, ruthless, broke, homeless, users, abusers, psychos etc. You get my point. For me to be interested, it takes more than good looks and the ability to lift weights. First, you need a brain, a working one of course. Anyone can get their dream body if they work hard and watch their diet. Now I have never been told that I have issues or things I need to fix, not yet anyway, but just like everyone else my day will come. I am tired of non perfect people looking for the perfect mate in an imperfect damn world. These muscle built Wolves be asking a lot of you Foxes. You have to lift for at least two hours a day, your body mass index has to be near zero, you can’t eat no fried foods, drink nothing but protein shakes and eat nothing but meatless salads, and most importantly I cannot forget this one, your home has to be stocked with herbalife products, straight herbalife all day every day, no days off that shit. As soon as they spot a stretch mark or cellulite, the relationship is over. The shit is ridiculous. We live in a world where if you do not match up physically, you have no chance of finding a mate, or even a friend at the least. However, the people who are looking for perfect physical characteristics have multiple character flaws. Their happy meal doesn’t even come with a damn cheeseburger or drink, and then have the nerve to talk about someone else’s flaws. GTFOH man. You have the body, but do you have mental stability, sensitivity, maturity, common sense, love, compassion, honesty, trust that is needed to sustain a relationship. No. Foxes, y’all always talk about how Wolves do not want fat or fems, but Foxes, y’all don’t want fats or fems neither. I gotta keep it real. It goes both ways. As soon big belly Bob from across the street tries to holla, y’all gonna turn him down for similar reasons you claim wolves turn y’all down. Am I right or wrong? I strive to be the perfect Wolf man, but I honestly am not. We are all human, and we all have flaws, some are intolerable, while can be helped with a little work. Yea, I prefer a decently fit dude sense I’m sort of in shape myself, but damn I ain’t asking for much as others are.

    1. you better PREACH my brotha….soooo many men with perfect bodies that i have come across don’t have one simple thing…A JOB!!!!! nor do they have ambition it’s hard to meet someone who is extremely attractive with ambition. most beautiful people think their bodies will get them far, a pretty face and a nice body will get you only so far in the real world

  5. First, I give up on men.

    Like completely.

    At this point it’s like collecting ribbons or trophies “Yeah I smashed so and so. Been there, done him twice”.

    They’re either all too needy or too into themselves to care about anyone else.

    Secondly, this topic reminds me of a certain gay couple on instagram that really bugs me. I’m sure someone can guess who they are. They’re always taking random pics in the gym and in skimpy underwear and I just don’t buy it! They both seem way too into themselves to really care for anyone else. Soon as one posts a thirst trap the other one posts one seconds later. I can’t even see them fucking one another. I think it’s all about attention, basically a “you’re cute with a nice body, and I’m cute with a nice body so let’s take attention whoring to another level!” type of arrangement. The killing part is gays eat it up and make it the standard for the relationship they desire smh.

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