My Confused State Is “Foreign” (Or Is It?)

tumblr_n7a72pC8lG1qbw767o1_r1_500so you know i’m all about trey songz and the music he makes.
that one night listening to anticipation with that wolf>>>>>
well that last video with ( x that percolating peen )…
i still drool about it.
so trey has a new video out called “foreign”.
its about…
something in particular.
i don’t know what exactly.
maybe you do…

Trey Songz – Foreign / BMF by Blak_Music_First

he is letting us know…
his harem of whores are foreign?
i’m confused.
where is trey songz going with his new music?
seriously speaking?
i feel like this era is a bunch of gibberish with no direction.
9692_d1aehe may not see a purchase from me in a couple weeks.
i can’t get with ^this nonsense.
…and furthermore,
where was the peen???

i may have re-considered because of it.
trey: get with it!

his album “trigga” is available july 1st.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “My Confused State Is “Foreign” (Or Is It?)”

  1. Trey has been mediocre to me. He tries way too hard to make sex-themed innuendo songs.

    “Foreign” is the hot new thing to say in music right now. They just wanna sound like they’re hot shit.

  2. Trey kinda wack and he stay jumping on trends instead of setting them…..not to mention the stuff panties he was rocking in that exercise video. Lol

  3. I am a fan of Trey, but I can also be a critic at the same time. I actually like the song, and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks. Other than this song, I like Change Your Mind, Smartphones, and What’s Best for You, which is my favorite. His last album left a bad taste in my mouth man. That may be a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. He may win me over with this one.

    He was looking good in that video. That body he’s got tho. SHIT. I’d send chills down his spine on the daily if he was mine.

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