Dust Aaliyah Off and Cast Again? (Or Nah)

tumblr_n7c0z6Poo91rqiw2ro1_500everyone meet the new “aaliyah”.
no seriously.
her name is zendaya and she was casted to play aaliyah in her biopic.
i don’t know her besides being a “disney” something or the other.
go figure.
the aaliyah stans have been having a fit.
does she look like aaliyah?…

“why is she so…

“omg jamari you can’t go around asking people why they are light.”

i don’t really see it.tumblr_m7he65qdua1r5o8k4o1_500are we sure she wasn’t casted for the cassie biopic?
then again look at lil’ mama for being left eye.
we doubted her and she made believers out of us.
she could have been casted because of her status as a popular disney kid.
i really see no other way this happened.

lowkey: do we really need a aaliyah movie?
next to mike and whitney,
her death really got to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Dust Aaliyah Off and Cast Again? (Or Nah)”

  1. I’m tired of these biopics. Let that woman rest in peace. If this goes through, I wonder who will play R. Kelly tho.

    1. If the movie decides to show him, I found it odd in the TLC biopic they didn’t show usher once.

      1. I’m sure he’d love to, but he probably doesn’t wan to be associated with R. when it comes to Aaliyah.

      1. Yea she does! She’s cute and all, but playing Aaliyah? *Consuela voice* No, nooo. I’m still going to watch the movie with a positive attitude, hopefully.

  2. Wooowwww!!!! They would… That’s all I can say about this casting.

    I agree with Man. I’m sick of biopics. Whitney Houston’s and Tupac’s are in development right now.

  3. I understand that Zendaya is not black but Aaliyah was black. That’s why she’s so light. They should have found a black actress to play Aaliyah. Another case of whitewashing history!

  4. What the fuck is a Zendaya, Who the fuck the fuck is Zendaya, Why the fuck they chose this High Yellow ass, biracial girl name Zendaya, When the fuck is this atrocity supposed to come out…..smh

  5. Zendaya is Black her father is Black.Is Obama Black? Is Halle Black? They all have Black fathers.Does she look like Aaliyah?No
    Does Denzel look like Malcolm X? No
    They chose her because of her popularity with teens probably. Most of the teens I know don’t even know who Aaliyah is she died almost 13 years ago.
    I don’t support the project because Aaliyah family is against it.

    1. Well, Obama is neither black nor African American. He’s not black because he’s half-black and half-white. He’s mixed or biracial (and some would use the apparently “politically incorrect” mulatto word).

      And he’s not African American because African Americans are the American descendants of Africans who were enslaved and brought to America. African Americans have a different history and culture than black immigrants to this country (such as Nigerian Americans, Kenyan Americans, Jamican Americans, African Canadians, etc.). In this regard, Obama is Kenyan-Irish American or Irish-Kenyan American because he’s Kenyan on one side and Irish on the other side.

      1. Thank you Dean. That whole you are what the father is, is a mess. It’s one of the reasons why we have so much confusion in the black community. I really did not like the tlc movie. However the girls did a great job playing them. I think Z is a talented young woman but I really don’t need to see a Aaliyah movie neither. May Aaliyah rest in peace.

      2. Tired of bs, it’s worse than that. The “standard” that many want to adopt is not according to the race of the father but if that person has any black/African blood. It’s the so called and racist “one-drop theory”. Steven Biko said that the greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. In this context, we must see and understand that the “one-drop” theory is racist and is based upon the racist belief that black/African blood is a taint and that it taints other heritage/blood when mixed with it. Therefore, since black/African blood is a taint (garbage), the “one-drop” theory states/dictates that blood/heritage that is mixed with it must be consigned wholly to the garbage (black/African) bin. This standard was adopted by the white slave-master for the benefit of the white slave-master.

        Further, this theory often assumes that whites are pure. The truth is that in the USA, on average whites are 7% black. (And see below about one that is 14% black.) And by this racist “one-drop” theory, I suppose that makes the average white person black. That’s foolish.

        It is sometimes said that “so and so” is black because he/she identifies as black. That’s foolish as well. Race or ethnicity is not like a club that you can join. A person cannot choose his gender or sexual orientation. Your sexual orientation chooses you. Your gender chooses you. Your race or ethnicity chooses you. You either are or you are not. It’s not a club.

        This “one-drop” theory is stupid because it means “Want more oil, just add water.” That’s foolish. Any person with a wit of sense will tell you that at some point if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later become oily water. And they will tell you that at some point it becomes unusable as oil and undrinkable as water. And similarly at some point of “dilution” such a “mixed” person “naturally” doesn’t have “allegiance” to blacks/Africans but is split in “allegiance”. And upon further “dilution” at some point, such a “mixed” person perceived him or herself as white. (For example, here’s a video of a white racist learning that he’s 14% black: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/11/craig-cobb-white-supremacist-black_n_4256360.html By the racist “one-drop” theory/standard, he’s black.) Such a slogan/standard is foolish and non-sense.

        I reject racism in all its forms and permutations so I reject the racist “one-drop” theory. Such persons are not black. They are mixed, mulatto, biracial, etc.—but not black. And they are humans. Adopting the racist “one-drop” theory? Well, that’s cooning. (If we define “cooning” as doing the bidding of white racists).

      3. Fine Dean Zendaya is mixed not Black.As evident by here “White” maternal grandmother Aaliyah is obviously mixed as well.So perfect casting.

  6. I don’t agree with the person they chose. I don’t think she resembles her at all. I won’t dog her out, but she’s a Disney Kid! lol. This is probably the biggest role of her career. DO NOT FUCK IT UP! Not for the fans, but for yourself and Aaliyah’s family.

  7. Obama ,Halle and Zendaya identify as Black.I just saw a pic of Aaliyah’s maternal grandmother Mintis Hicks who is so light she makes Zendaya look dark in comparison.So Aaliyah like most Blacks in this country is also Mixed Race but I’m sure Mintis also identified as Black despite looking like White.

  8. But Aaliyah was on the lighter side tho. Folks are making it seems as if they got someone like KeKe Palmer to portray Aalliyah. Nothing a little bronzer makeup can’t fix. She has the “essence” of Aaliyah which is all that should really matter.

  9. No one would’ve satisfied you all!

    It’s not that serious, as an actress it’s her job to embody the role. She doesn’t have to look and sing like a carbon copy of her.

    I liked Aaliyah and her music, but I think people put her on this untouchable pedestal just because she’s dead.

    1. I agree because she died in a tragic accident at a young age people have put her on a pedestal. If she was alive I believe she would be on the same level as Brandy,Monica, etc in terms of success. I have read comments that she would be bigger than Beyonce had she lived.I don’t agree but we will never know.

      1. I have to agree. Although I have mad love & respect for Aaliyah and I don’t think comparisons should be made between her and Beyonce (they are two completely different artists) however, Aaliyah’s last record was on the verge of flopping before she passed. I can remember being so disappointed at the first week sales of ‘Aaliyah’ back in 2001 and the underperforming ‘We Need A Resolution.’ She was ahead of her time and the music buying public wasn’t here for it. Only until her tragic death a few weeks later did the album become a No.1 smash. Had Aaliyah still been alive today she would still be relevant as a 90s R&B legend (such as Brandy, Toni Braxton etc) but I don’t believe she would have experienced Rihanna or Beyonce level success (but few have other than J.Lo, Mariah, Whitney etc)

    2. Keshia Chanté would have satisfied many. Not only does she look similar but she is also an actress. I do agree that Aaliyah’s death have caused people to overrate her a bit. Like saying there would be no Beyonce if she were still alive.

  10. honestly i think she’ll do a good job i dont think the actress or actor playing the deceased has to look exactly like the person…angela bassett doesnt and still doesnt look like tina turner and actually had more muscle tone to her body then Tina but she pulled the part off great due to great acting and a great plot..as long as the story goes well they’ll do great i personally feel no one from the tlc movie looked like the originals…you can put on wigs and etc but there are certain nuances that makes people who they are…i think it’s time for an Aaliyah story i feel though this has been given the greenlight without the family’s permission and it’s sad because more then likely it was her money grubbing uncle barry hankerson that gave them permission since her immediate family doesn’t own all the rights to her estate…i just hope the focus isn’t only on R.kelly but about her life in general…GOD bless them and i pray Zedana pulls it off i just dont think she needs to actually sing the songs i feel it’d be better for her to lip sync the tracks like Angela did for Tina…

    1. I read the family will not allow some of her music to be used so maybe that’s why Zendaya is recording some songs.I DK, did she write some of her songs?;

  11. TMZ spoke to her uncle the family wants to block the movie.They think she should have a feature film about her,not a Lifetime movie.

  12. Zendaya don’t look like aaliyah or give me that Aaliyah feeling. It ain’t happening. She is so wrong for this part.As an aaliyah fan i am not happy.

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