That’s What I’m Lookin’ Fo’!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.20.52 AMWHAT UP TUMBLR!
okay you can’t actually say it again,
but i’m in full agreement!
this is exactly what i’m looking fo’.
along with hiv- or other small packages.
i feel he is cummin’ tho.
ooooohhhh do i feel he is cummin.
scratch that.
i feel THEY are cummin.
all kind of wolves interested in me,
and vice versa,
will be cummin’ in abundance.
i mean everywhere.
all walks of life.
different backgrounds and situations.
i’ll never be alone because i won’t have to be.
i’ll always have someone in my life.

i’m speaking it right now.
tumblr_n3cxlg8MR01s59vhto1_500you do the same.
have a blessed day foxhole!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “That’s What I’m Lookin’ Fo’!”

  1. I pray to God for this too and even put it in my journal as a dream board thing. I am telling you I am tired of single, it’s so boring and I got too much love to only share to myself. But the day I can wake up with another man with his ass out because he sleep naked and cook him some mangu. FYI if you guys ever date a Dominican guy you better know how to make mangu a lot of them are obsessed with that shit.

    1. Lindo, is it true that a lot of Dominican men are bi, even if they don’t use the term (i.e. will sleep with a guy but not consider themselves bisexual)?

      1. It depend on the guy to be honest. I know some Dominican men who had girlfriends, but love fucking men secretly.

    1. You really like Brazilian men don’t you? I don’t blame you cause the dudes from Rio have beautiful bodies and good face, but I love Brasilian men with the onyx skin, especially when they lotion up.

      1. Yeah. After seeing so many Brazilian men comfortable with fucking ass and pussy, they started turning me on. I need to go to Rio. Ya know what, I’m gonna put it in my vibration.

      2. Yea but don’t go to Brazil anytime soon because right now they are having a bad situation with the whole world cup thing. It the poor vs. the rich over there.

    2. I’ve heard about the Brazilians. It’s as if it wouldn’t be a stretch to say most of them or a very large percentage.

      1. I would say for Rio part because every one are gorgeous, except some people say Rio girls have beautiful bodies, but ugly faces and opposite in Sao Paulo.

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