That’s What I’m Lookin’ Fo’!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.20.52 AMWHAT UP TUMBLR!
okay you can’t actually say it again,
but i’m in full agreement!
this is exactly what i’m looking fo’.
along with hiv- or other small packages.
i feel he is cummin’ tho.
ooooohhhh do i feel he is cummin.
scratch that.
i feel THEY are cummin.
all kind of wolves interested in me,
and vice versa,
will be cummin’ in abundance.
i mean everywhere.
all walks of life.
different backgrounds and situations.
i’ll never be alone because i won’t have to be.
i’ll always have someone in my life.

i’m speaking it right now.
tumblr_n3cxlg8MR01s59vhto1_500you do the same.
have a blessed day foxhole!