The Texts That Stopped The World

tumblr_mpupzsRMTN1rwe56eo1_1280my boss was in meetings all day.
my liar liar was not in the office.
my mind was somewhere else today.
i felt sad or something.
its the process

“getting over someone who ain’t that into you”

200x200px-ZC-0d7275af_knowshon-moreno-cryinghe spoke to me today.
i was trying to avoid him,
but he doesn’t deserve that.
this is my issue.

“so how was your valentine’s day?” – me

“it was real cool.” – him

“what did you do?”

“spent it with my momz.”

“thats it?”


“you don’t have a girlfriend?”

he got real hesitant.

“i got friends,
but one deserves me spending money on them.”

“oh is that right?”

liar liar.
you’re not in the running.
all this time,
looking at him,
i couldn’t stop looking at his entire facial situation.
why does he have to be so damn cute?

so i hit up karaoke to vent.
besides the foxhole,
and star fox not being on this earth anymore,
she is the only one who gets me.
well as we were speaking in texts,
she said this…
karokeconvo1 karokeconvo2please excuse “it it”.
auto correct stay violating my life.
but seriously…














say-whaa like…..
it was like she spoke my entire feelings.
our entire feelings about this life.
why i’m sitting here feeling sad over the perfect wolf…
just not one of many who don’t want me.
and its not like i’m not a great catch.
i am a fuckin’ treat.
its just hard out here for a fox who wants to be taken seriously.
the wolves and whores seem to have a different story.

i spent the rest of the day in my own head.
i didn’t see him again.
thank god.

“you gonna have to try to get him out your radar.
anytime you see him,
think he has herpes!
that might work.” – karaoke texted.

the ol “herpes” jedi mind trick.
i wish god would put a better wolf in my forest.
one who will make it easier.
i like easier.
we like easier.
its like you can have everything you want in your life,
but finding love is a fuckin’ challenge..
loved by someone you want and not have to settle.
is that too much to ask for?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Texts That Stopped The World”

  1. Yeah, sometimes you have to let a niqqa squirm and just pay him dust. He’s gonna be so thrown and worried about what he did to make you ignore him. Let these niqqas sweat it out!

  2. Don’t worry you will meet someone. I learn something from this movie called Under The Tuscan Sun from this sexy, vibrant older English woman who told the American lady “Listen, when I was a little girl I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs. Finally, I’d just give up and fall asleep in the grass. When I woke up, they were crawling all over me.” this applies to you.

  3. damn why can’t the pineapples you trying to get over suddenly get ugly or something ? It’s always the fine ones that stay fine ugh.

    like I said before, I think you’re going to have to try really hard to avoid any kind of contact with him when you can. as soon as you get a glimpse of him it’s just going to stir up all of those emotions you’re trying to get rid of. Out of sight out of mind.

  4. Karaoke made some very valid points, sometimes its just very difficult getting over a crush who seems to be everything we want…the storu of my life lol! Just try to stay away from him because he is not good for your mental.

  5. There’s a really fine guy at my job, sexy, well dressed, humble with a thick boss body for days. Like, he’s everything I could ever want and need. I was friendly towards him initially but he seemed so nonchalant and uninterested in having anything but a “hi and bye” type of interaction. Although my heart still flutters whenever I see him, I try my best to play it so cool. If I bump into him it’s, a quick glance and a hi and keep it moving. I accept he ain’t interested so he will not catch me looking at him longingly all pressed and on his jock. I. will. never. He gets mad attention from others. He doesn’t need another fan in his fan club.

  6. *Raises hand*

    I have a serious question.

    What do you really know about this dude? I mean why do you like him?

    I mean sometimes you have to step back and contemplate whether you’re really that into him or if he’s representing a larger issue within you.

    Honestly, every since I started focusing my mind on masters programs and the type of life I want to lead, I don’t allow men or anyone else who doesn’t have me on their minds in mine!

    Dudes are the equivalent of window shopping as of now. Hell, I might even try some shit on in some cases, but I’m good.

    No more of that feeling rejected, lonely, lovesick shit for the most part.

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