Music (Get Us Through)

CoverAliciamusic is funny…

i know you know what i’m talking about.
before it was just an “another album” in your collection.
it was the album you listened to when you were:

cleaning your room
going to work/school
vibin’ music when you with ya people

…but now when you are going through it,
it becomes:

“this muthafucka is speaking my life right now!!!”

feelings2whether you are in love/lust,
or in the middle of a break up/”i hate that asshole”,
we all have an album we played non stop during those moments.
this is how i’m feeling about “the diary of alicia keys”.
music helps me tremendously.
i think my ryde or dies know this already.
sometimes i might listen to an album and it be “okay”.
later on in my life,
that album becomes what gives me life or helps me cry.

well ive been listening to a couple albums,
but nothing is helping me get through this “the work crush” like alicia.
ive been listening to it since last week.
when it first came out in ’03,
it was just good music.

“she is singing my life with her songs”.

artists need to understand what their music can do.
this is why we like quality material.
ratchet shit and “hit singles” can only help but so much.
as much as i love juicy j,
i can’t twerk the pain away.
sometimes we need a real deep mind fuck of an album.
it goes past our ears and heads right to the soul.
it can provide answers with powerful lyrics.
have you on the edge of your bed crying like:

i get it now…”

so i had to ask the foxhole…

Do you have an album that helps get you through?

i’m open to other musical suggestions as well.

16 thoughts on “Music (Get Us Through)

  1. man i was in 11th grade in high school when this came out i played this cd out and i STILL listen to it sometimes str8 thru….so simple was my jawn, dragon days man i love the entire album one thing i like about her is she always too her time and gave you a quality album…she’s not a single artist she’s an album artist and each album was like a era

  2. Mariah Carey’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel – One of the best albums of 10’s
    Drake’s Take Care – Best album of the 2010’s btw thus far
    Amy Wineshouse’s Back to Black – whenever I am playing this album just know it isnt a good day/time

  3. Man. I love your posts. But I enjoy many but I can name the albums that serve as the soundtrack to my heartache. Strange. But it includes alot of Mariah. When my gf of 5 years broke up with me?-Emancipation of Mimi (10 year old album btw). When my bf of 3 years outed me?-Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (fave track- HATEU). When my daughter’s mother dragged me with her bullshit? Vision of Love.

    Lol. I’m a mess along with Mariah and her love life.

    1. As far as Mariah goes, ‘Through the Rain’ tends to put things in focus for me. Will Young’s ‘Changes’ is also a tight one, lyrics wise. His ‘Leave Right Now’ is quite fitting to your little situation, Jamari.

      Hey The Man, what is good with you? I always wanted to holla at you. *wink*

  4. That’s my favorite album from her. Brandy’s Afrodisiac album speaks to me heavily. Kelly Rowland’s album, Talk a Good Game Deluxe Edition is my life since my breakup.

    1. ^yo that brandy album is the underrated truth.
      when star fox was going through it,
      that was his album he played.
      I knew he was sad when he told me he was playing that.

  5. This to me was ms.keys best album, it was one of those albums would you please entire thing out. I wish she would go back to this kind of music.

    The miseducation of Lauren hill is like my Bible. The stuff she was talking about I didn’t understand when I was younger but definitely in my teenage years and my years now it makes so much sense to me. Anytime any songfrom that album comes on I stop what I’m doing and I vibe to it.

  6. Chrisette Michelle’s first album is the story of my life! It’s so soothing makes me hopeful about everything

  7. I have always loved “You Don’t Know My Name” and “If I Ain’t Got You”

    I was young af, but I understood both songs lol.

  8. I think with as many discs that have come and gone over the years, with a song or two (or three) that I fell in love with…none of them hit home with me as much as Craig David’s debut CD, “Fill Me In” has. To this day, “Walking Away” is my official theme song. A song about walking away from troubles in your life, it came along at a point where I had to re-evaluate relationships in my life, and start moving away from those individuals who don’t really offer much, and those you never hear from until they want something.

  9. Janet Jackson – The Velvet Rope. She was depressed during the making of the album and she let her pain reflect in the music and it is a masterpiece. It truly is one of those life changing albums. She has another song on the All for You album called Better Days…do yourself a favor and listen to it Jamari. I promise you, it will move mountains for you!

    1. ^i am going to listen to “the velvet rope” tonight.
      i’ll report back on how it made me feel.
      before it was music.
      now it could mean more like alicia.
      i’ll also check out “better days” jay.

  10. OMGGGG!!! You Don’t Know My Name is one of my top 3 songs! I remember when this album came out. It was the winter of ’03 or ’04 and I was in the 7th grade i think. I heard that song every day on the way to school and it really spoke to me then and still does today. Thats the thing about music. It can take you back and make you feel like you did the first time you heard that song. Sigh..the good old days lol. I know when I am down Usher’s 8701 is one I keep on repeat for some reason. I think it reminds me of being a kid. Also, Cool Relax by Jon B. is a great album I listen to when I need to just chill. Its real mellow. Sometimes I just play it in my car and go for a ride. Earth Wind and Fire’s greatest hits is also one I listen to when I am in a down mood, or a good mood, or any mood really lol. Their music is just fun and uplifting.

    1. ^wait i literally downloaded that “cool relax” album the other day.
      amazing piece of work sam!
      i like how smooth it is.
      i never listened to earth wind and fire.
      i’m going to check them out.

      i didn’t really get into usher heavy until “confessions”.
      i know my straight wolf pack use to kill that album.
      “i got it bad” was the top death.

      1. Please check Earth Wind and Fire out! “Shining Star” , “Sing a Song”, “September” and “On Your Face” are my favorite songs by them. Definitely a few pick me ups on one of those down days.

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