An Uninterrupted Hour With Work Wolf

16516017808_ceb44777ef_zwork wolf randomly hit me up today.
i guess i need to eat my font from the other day.
i was working on a project and i saw his name ding on my phone.
it started off with regular small talk

he wanted to know how i was doing at the new spot.
i told him it was awful.

“i really miss seeing you everyday.” – he said.

“aww thanks.
it’s different without you as well.”

he claims he is going bald and asked if i could take a look at it.

“send me a picture.”

i want you to see it in person”

i told him i’m usually home after 6:30.
he said he would come through tomorrow night or friday.
i egged it in how when i was doing his hair,
it never had those problems.
maybe his head missed my special touch.
he laughed.

“you talking to anyone?”

i told him i was,
which was a bollllllld faced lie,
and that it didn’t work out.

“how you not talkin a lot of wolves?
i can’t believe you don’t have any guys trying to get some…”

i wish that was the truth.
for right now,
my phone is mad dry.
the “sahara” even.

“you will find your prince charming soon…”

i decided to switch the convo on him and his new vixen.
i asked what was different about this one?

“she is the only vixen that cares about me…”

didn’t they all before her tho?
and yet,
you hit me up about your hair.
anyways continue…

“…i met her in june,
we went on a date,
and then we decided to be together from there…”

that sounds kinda fast.
he told me that he told her about me and wanted to give her my number.


“i don’t know.
so you and her can be cool.
maybe we can all go out and chill one day…”

“nah homie.
i’m not trying to be some third wheel.”

he sent that he was laughing.
i replied back the same.
i was dead serious tho.
i’m sure she is a sweet vixen,
but i’m not trying to share the spotlight with her right now.
call me selfish,
but whatever.

“can i call you?
you busy?”

i told him not at the moment.
so he called me and we talked for damn near 20 minutes.
it was nice to hear his voice.
he told me about his family drama,
how he needs a new job,
and how he spends a lot of money with this new vixen.
i told him about mi leaving soon and how i need a new job.
the call ended on us seeing each other soon.
i won’t hold my breath tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “An Uninterrupted Hour With Work Wolf”

  1. When I read the beginning of this, my facial expression was a blank stare. I almost sensed a repeat developing from earlier this year, but you have a guard up, and it needs to remain that way.

    1. ^i learned that whatever happens; happens.
      i don’t have expectations for anything or anyone these days.
      i’m going to continue to do me.
      if you hit me up,
      you hit me.
      you don’t,
      then you don’t.

  2. Why they just can’t be honest with how they feel? That’s my biggest thing with these dudes. Stay playing mind games and all it does is get you confused. Ughhhh

  3. Jamari, is it possible Work Wolf wants you to meet her so you can tell him what you think about her? Seems like he values your opinion about things

  4. If you talk to him again ask him did he tell her you were gay or is that something you are supposed to keep on the low.Some women would be suspicious if their boyfriend has a close male friend who is gay so I would be curious if he has shared that information with her.

  5. i like how you’re handling this, you got him at arms length which is for the best. Like you said you’re not trying to be a third wheel and besides at this point you don’t even know the space to call this friendship,hell ya just might be phone buddies who catch up every now and then and say you’ll need to meet up or make plans but they never come to fruition.

  6. @Jamari I don’t know about this Jamari, I have a baaaad feeling that this could be a game they’re BOTH playing with you. Situations like this NEVER work out, she’s gonna have a problem with you being gay. She’s always gonna feel like you’re tryna take her man, and when push comes to shove, WW is gonna choose HER and leave you in the dust…again. FALL BACK, FALL BACK, FALL BACK, they probably are already laughing and talking shit about you.

    1. ^highly doubt they are “laughing and talking shit about me”.
      i choose to believe this:

      “WW is gonna choose HER and leave you in the dust…again.”

      which is why i’m not rushing to chill with him.

      1. @Jamari Also, I wanna add that the way to determine how he truly feels about you, is by the way SHE acts towards you if/when you meet. If she’s nice, that means she’s heard good things. If she’s cold, that means she’s heard THANGS. I’m kind of worried for you…

  7. Let go of the what if’s just be friend with no expectations, I would love to meet someone like you and work wolf and be just boys, on sex just brothers, continue to share who you are so that you are planting trees for the next gay man that your work wolf Cubs will know and treat them like his pops treated you and other gay men out or not. We have to sew into others not just bed them, peace and blessings my family.

  8. Zaddy tryna get you in a threesome? 🤔 Hmm. I could imagine y’all going out for drinks and going back to your place 😭🙌🏾🙌🏾☺️😈

    Sister wives!

  9. This whole “Work Wolf” melee reminds me so much of the scene in Noah’s Arc where Wade had that “threesome” with Noah and the girl. And Wade was pretending that he wasn’t into Noah and was just all up on the girl..

    Only time will tell what this dude is all about

  10. Real shit: Run. Don’t walk. Mi got fifty-leven chances because she is family. But, this pineapple is just a bad habit on the way to an addiction. This is the emotional equivalent of cutting yourself to focus the pain. It’s self destructive and sad. The best case scenario is that you spend time with a man you want, listening to him talk about how good the new pussy is while he strokes his ego with your lust. The other people he admits to playing think they are in charge too.

  11. I like the way you handled this Jamari. I probably would of did the same thing. I’m a forgiving person. WW seems selfish to me. In the end only thinking about himself. Keep them guards up, have no expectations like you said.

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