I Want To See “Him” Again

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.05.29 PMi was on the train this morning,
late as fuck,
and “he” walked on.
somewhere in the middle of “one dance” by drake and “ain’t to proud to beg” by tlc.
by how he looked,
i definitely had no issues getting on my knees and begging for that pipe.
“he” actually got on the train further down from where i was standing.
he was…

tall; 6’3
brown skin
low fade
stupid upper bawdy
thick thighs
protruding round ass

…and that is all from my first scan.
he looked like a black clark kent.
well my ass has been in need of a good “rescue”.
he kept looking over at me,
but i figure it was because i was looking at him.
i usually don’t have luck meeting wolves in public.

it’s true!

i have talked about it a million times.
i’m just not the approachable kind of fox.
i thought he was with the cub who got on with him.
he was wearing glasses as well,
but he looked too old to be his son.

little brother,

i could not stop staring at this wolf tho.
he looked like “someone”.
a retired/cut baller wolf,
he had the build of one.

as the train got crowded,
i noticed he moved from where he was standing.
…and then it happened like i asked the universe to.
he moved up to where i was standing,
since there was hardly anyone,
and he stood across from me.
tumblr_mc0d44wjHA1qklao0since i had on dark glasses,
i could do a better scope of him.

he was just as fine in front of me.

i was getting an african vibe from him.
his lilac dress shirt was damn neat bustin’ at the seams.
i could see the curve of his bicep,
as well as the white t shirt he was wearing under it.
his gray dress pants hugged his waist perfectly.
he wasn’t a work out warrior wolf,
but he definitely went to the gym on occasion.
he put his backpack down and got some lotion out is bag.
he applied it to his face and hands.

i got off before him.
i must have fucked him twenty times until my stop.
i want to see him again.
i’ll make sure to take off my glasses so he knows i’m interested.

lowkey: it’s like…
i’ll look at a wolf,

one who is looking at me,
and he will suddenly start looking away as express interest.
i don’t get it.
even when i would talk to work wolf,
he would only look at me when i wasn’t looking at him.
as soon as i would look at him,
he would look off.
there was only a few times he gave me deep eye contact.
him and other wolves.
am i doing something wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I Want To See “Him” Again”

  1. Nothing like a new crush lol

    I don’t think it’s anything you’re doing wrong a lot of guys just get self-conscious when people are eyeing them.

    Shit I say you did the right thing that’s how I got with my wolf “friend”. I would eye fuck him and made sure he knew I was looking at him whenever I saw him. My class got out early before his did so I made sure I would always look my best and slowly walk past his classroom because I knew he was sitting on the front row so he would see me.

    One day in the hallway he saw me in my classroom and looked dead at me for a long ass time. It was pretty much hook,line, and sinker from there l

    1. You’re better than me. When I see someone staring at me I get creeped out lol. I’m trying to embrace it more now because they must be looking at me for a reason. I’m just not good with confrontation

      1. @Est…I get creeped out as well. I have guys and girls checking me out a lot, and it actually makes me feel funny.,,,and not in THAT way. Lol
        I was in Subway today and there was a nice looking dude sitting at one of the tables, and I kept seeing his eyes looking at my crotch area. He worked in one of the medical offices on the strip, so his uniform fit him nicely and it was hugging his biceps. But he definitely was checking me out. As I left he said, later my dude. Lol

  2. I’ve had this happen to me a few times where guys will stare. I’m a big guy but i often catch muscular guys looking. So one time i mentioned to my best friend, who knows about me “why is he staring so hard’ and she pinched me and i was like ouch and she responded “Malcolm you are a handsome dark chocolate teddy bear stop being insecure thinking that folks are looking to make fun of you, they may be checking you out” and i didnt buy it until one day a girl came up to me and said’ my friend and i think you’re so handsome with your glasses on’, i blushed knowing damn well I didnt play for their team but damn it it felt good to be seen lol so i feel you J ;-0

  3. Lmaoooo Jamari. I won’t even lie. I ALWAYS do that look away business with guys. I get super nervous when they try to make eye contact. This is the story of my life. I get that the best way to meet guys is through eye contact….but…..it’s too much. Stressful even.

    I don’t wanna get caught looking, or trying to make eye contact with the wrong guy. Get my ass whooped, or embarrassed.

  4. You should have complimented him on his shoes or something then asked where he got them from, followed up with “do you shop there often” which would then lead into “so do you stay near that area” and they rest is smooth sailing from there lol. Easier said than done, i know.

    Btw, whats your zodiac cause if its a fire sign then it may be then lunar cycle working ita mojo, if you belive in that.

    Im a sag and something similar happened to me also.
    Theres this cute slim guy, at a sandwhich shop in my town thats really friendly towards me, told me his name before I left and even gave me a free drink on the house. When ever I go, he even tried to remember my particular sandwhich. Maybe hes just being extra friendly. Not sure if he bats for the team if you know what I mean, but either way, I just made a new friend and I will be going back there at least once a week from now on hehehe.

    Make sure you gey back on that same train at the same time this week and next week and the week after. Channel your inner Nikki Parker lol

    1. @theboyking10 approaching a wolf is super hard tho! I’m a singer, I just can’t freestyle and spit game like that! Lol But hey. no risk, no reward.

  5. Gawd, I know how you feel. One thing I hates about NYC is. If you see it and don’t holla then. More than likely its a missed change and you WILL NEVER see that person again. There was this bald dark skinned hood dude where I lived a couple of years ago, he lived in the same building and I never had the gall to try anything. He would make little slick comments on the low when I would pass, but I never could muster the courage. Now, after the fact, I regret I was too scared to try anything.

  6. Damn, he sounded fine. I always love these stories about you and men you come across on the train lol.

  7. Dude! You’re a writer, for real. I join shows already in progress, so I’m not sure that’s one of your acknowledged talents, but you need to write. Write fiction, write scripts, write a ‘Diary of a’ something. Keep on living, tho. I had one of these when I lived in Cairo (Egypt). Damn near lost my head to a pole craning out the window to see him some more. He saw me, and smiled the biggest smile….a small reward. Shiiid, I shoulda got off that bus. A closed mouth can’t get fed! He’ll either be a new connect, new client, or new personal entanglement. Or, just one of them *damn* sights that remind you that you’re alive, and you like what you like. Keep looking!

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