I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (55)

tumblr_m45cbkaexS1r4yegro1_5001-3i don’t know how pineapples can get “this” high,
especially at a job where others can record and laugh at your silly ass.
well the following hyena did this hoodrat behavior and well…


i can’t.
i know so many who did things like jobs and school high as fuck.
animals out here passing senior year tests high as fuck.
they even went to graduation high as fuck.
i’d be a hot gaddamn mess.
that hyena needs to stay off the drugs.

lowkey: the cubs are getting higher than high these days.
i don’t know what they smoking now,
but jamari fox wants no parts.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (55)

    1. It was probably synthetic Marijuana because a lot of people are having bad effects from it including death. I hope he gets the help that he needs and I hate when someone records and post a video of someone in a bad moment, they could have called the hospital instead of being an immature dick.

    2. There can be many reasons why he did that, although it was not intelligent on his part. He works at a fast food restaurant making the minimum and I can only imagine the stress he has to deal with since it looks as though he is in his mid twenties, and he may be dealing with financial stress along with other stressful matters.

  1. Sometimes its not the high that gets you, its the comedown that effs you up! Keep him away from the hot oil!

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