There Will Be No Suing Of Walt Disney

lanewell even tho this is a sad end,
but maybe the closure this family needed.
so as you know,
^that little cub,
by the name of lane graves,
was allegedly pulled under water and killed by an alligator at a walt disney resort.
his family,
who i’m still giving a heavy fox side eye too,
has decided not to sue the walt disney resort.
nbc news has more on the final nail to this story…

The family of a toddler who was killed after an alligator snatched him at a Disney resort has decided not to sue.

“Melissa and I are broken. We will forever struggle to comprehend why this happened to our sweet baby, Lane,” Matt and Melissa Graves said in a statement Wednesday. “As each day passes, the pain gets worse, but we truly appreciate the outpouring of sympathy and warm sentiments we have received from around the world.”

The Graves said they intended on keeping two-year-old Lane’s “spirit alive” through a foundation they created in his memory. “In addition to the foundation,” they said, “we will solely be focused on the future health of our family and we will not be pursuing a lawsuit against Disney.”

On Wednesday, following the Graves’ announcement, Walt Disney World Resort President George Kalogridis said in a statement, “In the wake of this tragic accident we continue to provide ongoing support for the family, which includes honoring their request for privacy.”

tumblr_o8c3701lo41uajyc0o4_400even though i’m not 100% sold on their story,
and my thoughts on their alleged negligence,
i will respect their decision.
rip to lane.

lowkey: if this family was black,
they wouldn’t hear the end of the it.
they damn near blew the past off the “gorilla cage” family.
these kind folks are getting their privacy respected.
i guess.

article credited: nbc news

8 thoughts on “There Will Be No Suing Of Walt Disney

  1. That little child deserves better parents. Through their negligence and stupidity he lost his life. No one is to blame except those 2 twiddle Dee and twiddle Dumb

  2. You know….this is so sad evening for someone reading their tragic story. But something is a little off here. Idk if it’s the negligence part….or the no lawsuit part….or the part that maybe Disney paid their mouths shut. 🤔

  3. You don’t have to sue if company voluntary decides to pay you off,just my opinion.

  4. Money does not heal a broken heart, that family will forever be broken, but God has given this family strength to get through this most painful event trust that God has ordered that family’s steps. Rip lane you are with the father, to God be the glory.

  5. Maybe deep down its a taking responsibility kind of thing. I don’t think I could sue someone for something that I had a hand in. Not saying they killed a child but your child is too young to not have the kind of Adult supervision to have prevented that.

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