There Will Be No Suing Of Walt Disney

lanewell even tho this is a sad end,
but maybe the closure this family needed.
so as you know,
^that little cub,
by the name of lane graves,
was allegedly pulled under water and killed by an alligator at a walt disney resort.
his family,
who i’m still giving a heavy fox side eye too,
has decided not to sue the walt disney resort.
nbc news has more on the final nail to this story…
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The Cub, The Alligator, and The Story We’re Being Fed

tumblr_m9hrceNBCy1rrmkbjo1_500the alligator.
one of the most dangerous creatures in the forest.
once it takes a bite out of you,
you have about no seconds to get loose.
alligators are also known to give it’s victims “the death roll”.
the alligator spins its body around rapidly while underwater.
that is what actually kills you.
that should have been the fate of the two year old cub last night.
the one who was snagged by an alligator at the disney resort.
well cnn has the outcome of what happened and well…
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