I Don’t Trust People… Until Its Time To Fuck Them.

tumblr_lkkpykfJ7D1qdt2yxo1_500do you believe in that statement?
does the word “trust” mean something to you?
or, do you just throw it around like the “l” word?
in life,
it’s pretty hard to love everyone,
let alone trust them.
as much as we can try,
someone always seem to fuck it up for the rest.
i had to wonder that if we all go around giving our “trust” a little to freely?
every smiling face and great conversation shouldn’t lead to showing our privates.
(see what i did there?)
at what point do you stop trusting and start guarding?
i had to wonder…

who do you trust and are you for sure?

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I Got 99 Problems and Being A Free Agent is One

so you were playing football,
career was pretty solid,
you weren’t the star…
…but you are on a team you call home.
you built a relationship with other players.
life was good or so you thought.
end of season they cut your ass.

well that was unexpected….

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f0xmail: I’m Reaching For A Wolf Amongst The Stars… Is It Possible?


Hey fellow foxen-friend. As a loving reader of your blog i took the opportunity today to write you something about my story, my goals, in hope to find out what you may say about this as i appreciate your views and see the connection we sometimes have. First of I have to tell you what some of your readers might not like: I’m a descendant of the snowfoxxes. My skin is looking like snow covered it, still I like me some men of a certain skintone. You know what I mean 😉 I live in a small village in germany, but despite what “Fanny” said, the gay-loving guy above meant it good with me. He placed an american air base close to my home. So I had the luck of meeting what I always wanted and yes – I got it. From a regular soldier to the powerful captain that sneaked me into what is forbidden for us germans, the air base. Liking what I experienced so far, I traveled to paradise: America! As a foxxen that likes rappers & ballers, of course, I had to travel to my new found hometown: LaLa Land. If you think by now, I’m one of those thirsty guys wanting famous guys and have their money. No thanks. I have a degree, I’d say I’m intelligent. Still I settled my goal to get a baller or rapper. Some laugh about me, some say I shouldnt dream so high, some call me cheap and compare me to a whore. I found this quote saying what I think I feel: “Sometimes we don’t reach for the stars. Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we are supposed to be satisfied with. And I’m not going for that.” I was asking myself the whole time: Is there something good about it?


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Jamari Fox’s Guide On How Not Be The Thirst Bucket With The Attention Whore

we can’t avoid them.
hell they aren’t easy to ignore.
you know them very well.
they are the fun-filled characters who dominate our social media experience.
they have the best bodies and perfect faces.
they are a mystery (until you find their twitter and it completely turns you off).
they command re-blogged pictures and over 100 likes.
same face; same smile; same poses.
this is how they keep up their “celebrity” status.
they always have a talent (average at best).
it’s like they need to “be” something for us to like them.
model, rapper, singer, or business man.
one that we hope will one day be recognized by the upper echelon.
but for now,
they find their audience through computer screens and cell phones.
they are our fantasy.
we hope that with enough comments,
they will finally “@” us to show their acknowledgement.
well i’m here to tell you stop being stupid…

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The Greatest Trick A HOE Ever Played Was To Act Like He Didn’t Exsist.


In the Concrete Forest, you can pretty much spot the hoe.
He will literally have a flashing red BLEEP over his head if you look carefully.
It says to other Wolves, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”.
HOES are a 24 hour business, which sadly nowadays is FREE.
I remember when being a HOE was exclusive.
Only problem is, being a HOE is played out.
EVERYONE is striving to be a HOE.

HOES tend to be messy and do too much HOE shit that it ultimately catches them up.
Those are the BASIC HOES we won’t talk about.

Let’s talk about the UNDERCOVER HOES for a minute…

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