f0xmail: I’m Reaching For A Wolf Amongst The Stars… Is It Possible?


Hey fellow foxen-friend. As a loving reader of your blog i took the opportunity today to write you something about my story, my goals, in hope to find out what you may say about this as i appreciate your views and see the connection we sometimes have. First of I have to tell you what some of your readers might not like: I’m a descendant of the snowfoxxes. My skin is looking like snow covered it, still I like me some men of a certain skintone. You know what I mean 😉 I live in a small village in germany, but despite what “Fanny” said, the gay-loving guy above meant it good with me. He placed an american air base close to my home. So I had the luck of meeting what I always wanted and yes – I got it. From a regular soldier to the powerful captain that sneaked me into what is forbidden for us germans, the air base. Liking what I experienced so far, I traveled to paradise: America! As a foxxen that likes rappers & ballers, of course, I had to travel to my new found hometown: LaLa Land. If you think by now, I’m one of those thirsty guys wanting famous guys and have their money. No thanks. I have a degree, I’d say I’m intelligent. Still I settled my goal to get a baller or rapper. Some laugh about me, some say I shouldnt dream so high, some call me cheap and compare me to a whore. I found this quote saying what I think I feel: “Sometimes we don’t reach for the stars. Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we are supposed to be satisfied with. And I’m not going for that.” I was asking myself the whole time: Is there something good about it?


thank you so much for tuning in!
i love that i have many different kind of foxes, wolves, and hybrids who tune in.
we accept everyone in the foxhole!
it makes this journey so cool in knowing we are everywhere.
i think people should be scared.
we run deep.

from your mail,
you seem like a strong fox who knows what he wants.
the fox,
an animal,
is sneaky and finds a way to get what he wants.
there is no challenge that is hard for him to carry out.

i was never one to listen to what people said i should “like“.
in my world,
if i want something and i feel strongly about it,
then i will get it.
when i think back on my life,
i have pretty much gotten everything i have wanted.
sometimes those things just landed in my lap with little to no effort.
usually, it was the things i asked for that i kinda forgot about.
i didn’t chase it or obsess over it.

this is what this ijf is built on.
people who know what they want and aren’t scared to express it.
it’s a shame that even in this lifestyle,
we still receive judgement from people who should know what it is like to feel judged.
i was told that my taste for certain wolves would never happen because:

“they are no d/l athletes and entertainers.”

“naw that guy with the body is straight.”

“the only men are all on chat sites and the basements of sex shops.”

i was tired of that shit.

these insecurities were coming from people who now i realize didn’t have dreams.
they all settled with bullshit.
i chose a different path.

people will not understand the things you like.
they will laugh,
and call you names for anything in life that “seems” unattainable.
they did the same to oprah.
jay-z uncle told him he would never make it with the music he was trying to push.
who knew we would have a black president for 2 terms????
these people had dreams.
they wanted something more.
something amongst the stars.

if you want something,
always keep it in your mind and go after it.
it won’t be easy,
but anything worth having shouldn’t be.
put yourself in the right positions and places.
never settle.
never hoe yourself out.
keep your eye on the prize and one behind your back.
while everyone is going left,
you are working on your own shit because you know it will eventually go right.
usually it happens when you least expect it.

keep the faith and good luck!

6 thoughts on “f0xmail: I’m Reaching For A Wolf Amongst The Stars… Is It Possible?

  1. I don’t understand why people are so attracted to and strive to get with ballers and rappers. I just do not see the attraction most of them are very insecure and unintelligent especially football, basketball, and rappers. Maye it’s b/c I have worked at a major label for a year now but I’m just do not desire to be with people that are in the forefront of the entertainment industry. I usually go to the ones behind the scenes b/c they have guaranteed money and the real power. I would say my type are business men (usually in marketing, finance, or own their own business), artists (like photographers or painters and sometimes musicians). I have dated athletes in the past especially when I was in Europe for sometime I dated a few futbol and rugby players, but that’s a totally different story. But hey go after your baller and rapper wolves in La La Land just know you are going to have a lot of competition an that no one is to be trusted.

    1. I don’t get the fascination either, but different strokes I guess. I mean beyond making raunchy comments about their photos online I’m not interested in their money or status.

      Loyal, goodlooking average joe that happens to be a trash man>>>>>rich baller that will trade you up for a newer version eventually.

      I’m different though.

      1. my thing is this…

        who is to say EVERY baller is triflin’ and every good looking average joe is good?
        maybe i’m optimistic,
        maybe i believe in the good in people,
        or maybe i’m just fuckin stupid….

        but i like to believe that not everyone is an asshole.
        whoever he maybe,
        and whatever it is that you want,
        it ALL comes with a price especially in this lifestyle.
        because someone could come in here and say:

        “i don’t know why you all continue to date men.
        they are all cheaters and will give you aids.”


  2. Great advice to him Jamari, but I want to give him a different perspective.

    You can have dreams of having a baller or a rapper, but do not limit yourself. There are not enough athletes and industry men to go around for everyone, and all of them are not even gay or bisexual. You are missing out on so many opportunities because you are limiting yourself to a certain type. In the NBA they are 450 players, nearly 1700 NFL players, and around 1300 or 1400 baseball players(I think). Not to mention that there are only so many rappers out there. The probability of you meeting an any of them is not very high. Now I’m not saying it’s not possible, but it’s not very likely, and you may want to be more open when it comes to what you are looking for. If a good looking man comes your way and he has good looks, money, a career, and nice personality. You would be silly to turn him down.

  3. Who needed to hear this tonight was me. I was so frustrated about a situation, that I came here to just to see what was going on, and I read this and it made me feel a 100 times better. Trying to change some things up in 2013 and things are not going like I want, but I am going to keep the faith after reading this because I know life can change on a dime for better or worse, but will always keep the faith that it will be for the better.

    Snowfoxx believe that when you are aloof and mysterious and dont act thirsty thats when you will attract the most attention, but be warned in La La land its a lot of smoke and mirrors and things are never as they seem even with a supposedly superstar of your dreams.

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