MEAT: (253)

look what showed up at the door of the foxhole today?…

he was lost,
almost naked,
and had no home.
do you want to keep him?!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: (253)”

  1. Jamari honestly do these dudes even exist b/c I never see them around my parts and I live in NYC. I’m a regular at Greenhouse, Lavo, Tenjune, and 1Oak and I do not see dudes like this or any of the ones from previous post.

      1. I disagree …partially…many of the really sexy ones you can tell when the flash a smile or the way they wear their hoodie on their heads and their stance…not all but many

      2. Agreed…In my experience I have met the Social Media Bodies in the Gym. The man body is a beautiful thing… You a see a guy come in the gym in regular clothes looking like a regular guy…after he changes into his workout clothes, still not too impressed, but give that brother 30 mins of pushing weights and wonders happens…..these guys dont frequent the clubs…some work warehouse jobs overnight, when us 9-5 are sleep they r out doing their thing and then you have ur skinny dudes that bodies are muscular in frame and its true when they say a picture adds weight or changes an object appearance, if you see half of these guys in person you will be disappointed…im a photographer, so light likes some people more than others and what i mean by that some people are very photogetic but again if u see them in person…wait a minute, who are u??
        Keep your eyes open and look beyond the clothes, remove all the abstract and see it bare in the most beautiful form, naked a blank canvas, its when you add clothes to a man that you distort the image….

        And the other half of the guys are what i call hood bodies, its just something about the hood that bless these men with beautiful bodies….

        1. ^love this terry.

          is it true most of those muscular guys are insecure too?
          someone mentioned flattery in another comment and I believe that can be your greatest ally….

      3. once you look regular no amount of 400 packs can give you sex appeal again imo. this is why i got tired of seeing stacked up dudes who “take good pictures” and just bored the life outta me in person, I’ve slept on some ROCKs of STEEL, ARMS of BRASS etc…if you can’t deliver sex appeal AS good as you COULD with filters, instagram edits and photo poses…eh forget it, every tom and harry has abs.

  2. The funny thing is the pic makes him look kind of like a lost little fox/wolf…he needs to be taken in and trained properly…

  3. I think he is a stripper from New York named Hollywood. He has a FB page Dave Colhoun/NYCHollywood. This dude is so damn fine…been checking him out for a while…I suggest you guys should too lol!

  4. Hell yeah! I’m keeping him! Take him in, take off whatever he has on, give him a nice long bubble bath and then put him to bed with me of course.

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