The Agony, The Ecstasy and The Jack’d

ohgodyesmeet your new  @_________.
very nice.
i always knew you had good taste.
well you both met on jack’d by accident.
he hit you up on some ol, “was sup”.
you replied, “nada”.
he opened his picture and you nearly fainted.
i’m sure he did the same as well.
ya’ll agree to meet up to see if it’s really real.
it is!
well on some “new-new” shit,
you both actually got to know each other.
of course you would have smashed,
but you wanted to try something new.
well at the end of the nite,
you both agree it to meet again soon.
the end?
well why “come” later on you go on jack’d and he is still online?
hell why did you go back on?
welcome to the new dating.
or “damn do you have dick adhd”?
sure you may meet a good person (out of all the hoes) on a phone site,
but are we programmed now to always be available?
i had to wonder…

Have phone “locate my ass” apps ruined dating?

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I Hope You Will Stick Around After You Pull Out…

tumblr_mp4bznZ5tf1qjm9bpo1_500“come here baby.
aww look at you.
you know you bring joy into my life?
yup, you.
i thought i would be alone forever,
but you made me see otherwise.
you take care of me.
you protect me.
you love me.
i know.
i know baby.
your kisses are so wet!
hold on…
let me put some food in your bowl.
who is daddy good boy?”

moka-happy-dog3that’s your story.
couple years from now.
talking to your only companion in this world.
your dog.
somewhere along the line,
you gave up on the hope of finding someone.
you became bitter and sad.
you were either too picky,
too hoish,
too stuck up,
too negative,
too angry,
too annoying,
too crazy,
…too something.
it has left you sitting there,
getting ready to watch another reality show,
with something that sits and barks on command.
proud of yourself?
are you satisfied with that?
have you come to the conclusion that would be your future?
or does that make you want to vomit?
i had to ask,
when you look at your life now..

Do you think you will die alone?

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You Just Wanna Know What Inside My Throat Feel Like. (Don’t Front)

tumblr_lkp9n6IofI1qcf4k9o1_500relationships are a joke.
i said it.
groan away!
everyone is looking for the one to handcuff.
shit i love when the attention whores of instagram post this:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.49.14 AM…tellin’ sob stories of how they are singe and lonely.
“i am too beautiful to find love! please help!”
yet they are whoring tremendously through dms and kiks.
uh huh.
cool story bro.
is it possible to sustain a fulfilling long lasting relationship in this lifestyle?
or is it a really just a “cool story bro”?
is a relationship like wanting to be a millionaire?
so many people want it,
work their ass off to get it,
but not many will ever achieve it?
we all want what we can’t have,
but i started to wonder…

Is a relationship something hoped for, but best left unseen?

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Oops… I Did It Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again…

“i played with my heart.
got lost in my games.
ooh baby baby…”

tumblr_mkfobnfvpc1rj2u1ho1_500i seriously had to ask myself,
“so add another one to the list?”
all of the mistakes i have made in the past doing “this”,
i go and bump my head and did it again last week.
i see now how i fall in the trap.
he was fine.
no, he was fuckin’ gorgeous.
alas, he ends up being a question mark.
i found my answer…

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f0xmail: I’m Reaching For A Wolf Amongst The Stars… Is It Possible?


Hey fellow foxen-friend. As a loving reader of your blog i took the opportunity today to write you something about my story, my goals, in hope to find out what you may say about this as i appreciate your views and see the connection we sometimes have. First of I have to tell you what some of your readers might not like: I’m a descendant of the snowfoxxes. My skin is looking like snow covered it, still I like me some men of a certain skintone. You know what I mean 😉 I live in a small village in germany, but despite what “Fanny” said, the gay-loving guy above meant it good with me. He placed an american air base close to my home. So I had the luck of meeting what I always wanted and yes – I got it. From a regular soldier to the powerful captain that sneaked me into what is forbidden for us germans, the air base. Liking what I experienced so far, I traveled to paradise: America! As a foxxen that likes rappers & ballers, of course, I had to travel to my new found hometown: LaLa Land. If you think by now, I’m one of those thirsty guys wanting famous guys and have their money. No thanks. I have a degree, I’d say I’m intelligent. Still I settled my goal to get a baller or rapper. Some laugh about me, some say I shouldnt dream so high, some call me cheap and compare me to a whore. I found this quote saying what I think I feel: “Sometimes we don’t reach for the stars. Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we are supposed to be satisfied with. And I’m not going for that.” I was asking myself the whole time: Is there something good about it?


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something different.
what do you think about the view down?…

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