The Agony, The Ecstasy and The Jack’d

ohgodyesmeet your new  @_________.
very nice.
i always knew you had good taste.
well you both met on jack’d by accident.
he hit you up on some ol, “was sup”.
you replied, “nada”.
he opened his picture and you nearly fainted.
i’m sure he did the same as well.
ya’ll agree to meet up to see if it’s really real.
it is!
well on some “new-new” shit,
you both actually got to know each other.
of course you would have smashed,
but you wanted to try something new.
well at the end of the nite,
you both agree it to meet again soon.
the end?
well why “come” later on you go on jack’d and he is still online?
hell why did you go back on?
welcome to the new dating.
or “damn do you have dick adhd”?
sure you may meet a good person (out of all the hoes) on a phone site,
but are we programmed now to always be available?
i had to wonder…

Have phone “locate my ass” apps ruined dating?

couple years ago we could meet someone on our computers.
sign on bgc,
or whatever to try our hand at dating.
remember being pissed when you saw his ass online after you seen him?
nowadays our cell phones act like beacons for pipe/bussy.
dick in the cloud.
it’s so bad that we can threesome from our phone to our tablet.
just in case we don’t miss a message.
potentials at the train station,
book store,
or the church pew.
made no sense i went to the movies and the 75% of the cinema was on jack’d.
all trying to smash.
has this easy accessibility now effected quality?
even after you successfully snagged a boyfriend,
he could STILL be signed on “bussyinthebush”
ya know just in case.

phone apps.
the new way to be found.
put a pin on your location and there is meat all around.
on one side,
it lets you know that potentials are everywhere.
gay men + sex + easy sex + around the corner = we in there like swimwear.
what about those who just want to chill?
on some meet and greet type shit?
one of the reasons i couldn’t do jack’d.
everyone just wanted to smash.
i’m not beyond smashin but gatdamn.
sometimes i get bored and want to sign up again,
but its the same story over and over.
fuckin’ ridiculous.
so when it comes to “dating in the cloud”

How do you keep him interested enough to turn his location off?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The Agony, The Ecstasy and The Jack’d”

  1. Many reasons Im over this gay lifestyle and ready to turn straight. You can’t even meet a nigga to talk to. Asking him to come sleep over and just have someone in the bed. Being gay is bullshit!

  2. Wow! Guess it’s a sign of the times. Won’t even bring up “in my day” lol. Seriously, technology has put us on steroids. How many people send birthday cards by snail mail versus sending electronic greetings?

  3. These are the reasons why I’m not feeling American dudes at all. Way too fucking easy in bed and have no sense of passion or love.


  5. This is wild… I have heard of those apps but never took the time to even check them out cause like you said all they are focused on is sex. Everyone complains about not being able to find “the one” but are the first ones to jump on the new social media scouring for “new bait” to attract.

    It’s like it’s a competition now a days for niggas to see who can get the most dick no matter how broke, unattractive, disease infested or just plain whack they are, niggas don’t give a fuck but people like me who don’t mind taking the time out to get to know a dude and pick his brain to see what he is about, i’m called everything under the sun from being too “sensitive” “needy” “clingy” or “feminine” because my mind is focused on sex.

    Of course I like to watch porn and I love the male/female body, but that is not the most important thing to me. I want more outta life than that and if it takes me being celibate or lonely for the upcoming years in my life when im tryna better myself and make a better life for me, then so be it.

    But im just over it tbh. *shrug*

    1. ^110%.
      i hate that feminine shit.
      im feminine because I want to get to know his simple foreign ass before i let him in my life?
      i don’t let random people in my home,
      what makes these dudes think it’ll be any different?
      they’re use to easy everything,
      just dropping draws and diseases.
      im not interested.

  6. I have to agree, it’s too easy, there is no more mystery or challenge, even the intrigue is lack luster. At some point dudes get tired of “smashing” different dudes and decide to “settle down’ but how can you trust them when all of these options are so easily accessible. Well that is where mutual respect and trust come into play which can be a challenge all in itself. #thisshytgotmejaded

    1. That mystery challenge is always fun, but no one is doing it anymore. SMH. Giving up sex is not an option for me because all I hear is how good I look and peeps wanting to jump my bones, it’s tiresome. Tell me something I don’t know about myself already. I have more to offer than sex. If you ain’t committing, there will be no sex. Tired of these games.

      1. @TheMan… I agree with your mindset. Almost to the point to where if I can’t see myself putting a ring on it (female wise) or if I can’t see myself growing with you in the future, then on to the next. I get more done being single anyway. Relationships at this point in my life especially with men, have proven to be pointless.

        So until i find that one that’s worth it, imma keep my head in my books and my hands on that paper.

  7. I need to write a book on my experiences with Jack’d because in the end all I got was jacked up. Jackd is the gay devil and Im rebuking it. I discovered it last year and was on and actually met a dude who I settled down with for a hot minute, so I erased it and then got back on right before the summer this year.

    Let me tell you its been nothing but fraud, fuckery, and foolery. I took the attention whore route and posted some pics without my shirt, since I can do that now lol, unlike a couple of years ago. OMG, I literally became a overnight sensation, I got so many dudes hitting me up from everywhere, I couldnt even answer them all, but it was all a mirage. I thought I was doing the right thing by going the gay route of attract them with your body and then really get to know them. Well I quickly learned that no one on their wanted to get to know me for anything other than a quick F&CK, and then I had to ask myself why the hell am I surprised, so I put my clothes on and it was really no different, and I never really showed my faced, always blurred or cut off, but I was told countless times that I was so cute and handsome, WTF you never even saw my face, so I knew then that these whores will tell you anything if you got a hot body just to sleep with you. I was catfished, hoodwinked and bamboozled by jigga’s who lied about their profile and put old ass pics when they could still walk without breathing hard. I had one dude who I wanted to tell, I wish you would have sent the pic of today and not 50lbs ago. I had dudes who told me I wasnt shit and I wasnt all that because I didnt respond to them or wasnt interested. The only good thing, I did get was a whole photo library full of good looking dudes from Coast to Coast who didnt mind showing me all the good lawd gave them lol. I finally became so frustrated and disillusioned with this App that I deleted it for a while at least. I dont miss it. It feels good to get alot of attention but its empty when you want something more than a one night stand.

    We might as well accept the new reality, these Apps have made relationships and dating a thing of the past. Its so easy to log on when somebody is not giving you what you want in a relationship or when you date. I personally would not trust any gay man these days, because access to BGC, A4A, Grindr, and Jackd are way too easy. With social media, we have sensory overload, we are always waiting to see who is going to top the next boy, with Tumblr and Blogs we see all these hot boys and we think that all men are like this or we want them to be like this so we are forever searching for that it boy. I am at the point now, that I would love a backwoods dude who is dumb as a box of rocks with a good heart and knows nothing about any social media. Every dude now from the ugliest to the finest know they can just log in and find someone to fit the bill at least for the night. I havent given up hope, but I cant say that I am optimistic that its going to get any better. I know homeboys who have good dudes but cant stay off of BGC, and Jackd, its like gay dudes are never satisfied.

  8. It seems like I’m the lone wolf going against the grain but I have this app and I encounter none of this. Most of the dudes I’ve met are all very handsome, really nice and are really cool peeps. There is a huge amount of sex and sex offers that occur but I simply say no thanks and then usually continue my daily activities. To my knowledge the dudes like me not for my body or because they wanna have sex. I haven’t slept with any of them and many times we go out and have a great time.

    However to answer your question from above, I do agree the accessibility does effect the dating, because I have had a nice time with a guy I met and he not really be interested and look for the next best thing online like he was before. Does it hurt my ego in some ways, Yeah but I learned that its not me, its not something I’m doing. I don’t ask for clarity or a reason why we don’t speak as much anymore, I just assume that I didn’t fit into their world and they are exploring other options now.

    Understanding that no one is obligated to pursue you after one date or even follow-up will help you see that you shouldn’t have to prove your worth to any dude, because if he doesn’t see it or isn’t attempting to show interest toward realizing it, you don’t need that dude in your life to begin with.

    SN: Finding the right mate/love is only as difficult as you make it. If you tell me you cant find someone who wants to be in your life, I’m going call you a liar straight to your face. Everyone, has someone who likes them and wants to be in your life. God always gives us someone who loves us or could love us if given the chance. And if you tell me no one qualifies or has the qualities your looking for in a dude, I’m going to say maybe you need to remember that where you are now took time and progress, put that same effort into meeting him half way with his.

    Ok, that’s it, I’m through. About to head home now.

    1. Love where your head is, Nerd. If people read your post and spend a few minutes of reflection, they might realize they are doing the same thing they are accusing others of doing. How is one going to have a date with a guy, then complain that a short while later that guy is back on one of the sites without being on the site, himself? What is he doing back on the site? It seems like many if not most people are not being honest with themselves and are unwilling to say they like variety, themselves.

  9. I’m glad to find out its not just a regional thing. I thought dudes on jacked were just wack out here in Cali. Nice to know the trend is being followed all across the country lol smh.

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