I Wanted To Write About Something, But Lord Knows I Forgot What.

11954319101307220149molumen_cardboard_box.svg.medso i come with a present.
you when i find something i like,
i have to share it with the world.
someone hipped me onto this app and i am forever grateful.
it’ll come in handy for everyone in foxhole at school,
those who write,
entertainment industry heads,
or have constant ideas they want to write down.
we always have our phone in our hands,
on our tablet,
or in front of our computer most of the time.
this app makes sense than running for a piece of paper just to lose it.

the best note taking app out there right now.
i always have various ideas of things i want to write about.
in some weird places as well.
in the shower.
on the toilet.
in bed late at night.
having sex.
i always get a flash of inspiration that i need to remember.
i use to “try” and remember it until i got to my computer.
now i open up evernote and i’m done.
you can either write it,
say it,
or take a picture of it.
whatever you choose to do,
it will be on your phone for your disposal.
where the hell was this when i was in those long ass meetings at work?
wherever you write a note,
the cloud will update it automatically on everything.
best of all it’s free.

tumblr_mrurv0X22r1qdk3r4o1_r1_500check it out!

x android download
x iOS download
x learn more about evernote here
x evernote.com

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