when the world finds out you might like gay sex on live tv

i don’t know if andriod does this,
but on my iphone,
i use to keep all my “sketch” apps in a folder labelled:


that’s where i put that pesky “stock” app…

…but i don’t really have “sketch” apps on my phone nowadays.
(i showed you what’s on my iphone: x here)
ain’t nothing worst than getting caught up because of your phone.
how about getting caught up because of what’s on your phone…
on live tv?

this reporter may have accidentally let the world know his secret
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I Wanted To Write About Something, But Lord Knows I Forgot What.

11954319101307220149molumen_cardboard_box.svg.medso i come with a present.
you when i find something i like,
i have to share it with the world.
someone hipped me onto this app and i am forever grateful.
it’ll come in handy for everyone in foxhole at school,
those who write,
entertainment industry heads,
or have constant ideas they want to write down.
we always have our phone in our hands,
on our tablet,
or in front of our computer most of the time.
this app makes sense than running for a piece of paper just to lose it.

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your phone keeps blowing up this morning.
but a ton of twitter mentions.
did you become a star overnight?
what happened?
you just fell asleep at your homeboy’s house.
well when you get on twitter to see whats going on:

“wow that is disrespectful.”
“i would kick his ass.”
“they probably some faggots.”

when you look,
you see you as the main feature in this picture…

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Foxy Lifestyle: “Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

Oh the joy of having a Wolf you are interested in send you a text!

You look at your phone and a smile instantly graces your face.
You may have just seen him yesterday, the day before, or the week before.
He did what most Wolves “forget” to do: hit you up.

Unfortunately a Fox, at that same time, could be receiving the same exact text.
Here is how to not be fooled with…

“Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

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