your phone keeps blowing up this morning.
but a ton of twitter mentions.
did you become a star overnight?
what happened?
you just fell asleep at your homeboy’s house.
well when you get on twitter to see whats going on:

“wow that is disrespectful.”
“i would kick his ass.”
“they probably some faggots.”

when you look,
you see you as the main feature in this picture…

yes that is you.


10 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (61)

  1. Damn, at least we know this kid is str8, cause if Im in a drunken stupor dead asleep, my sixth sense would kick in if a big dick was that close to my face, he couldnt have posted what I would have done on Twitter–LMAO!!!

  2. That’s why I’m a big believer in you don’t fall asleep at just anyone’s house. I would be pissed off to the max! I sleep on my stomach or on my side, so I might not find myself in this situation. I’ll want to fight him after that, then he put it on a social network also?! Aww yeah, that’s his ass.

      1. He acts like a dumb straight kid according to the tweets. But I thought that at first.

    1. that negro thought he was on the Stevie show .. White guys do this all the time and no one calls it homo. lol

  3. No it ain’t me cause I sleep on my stomach. Fuck that. Oh, but if it was me I would go over that dudes house and beat that ass. I don’t play that shit. You leave me alone when I’m sleep!

  4. You find out who that meat belongs to and immediately make a date to re-stage the scene, for REAL>

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