Aaron Hernandez Wanted His “Heart” In The Same Cell As Him

so they’re here.
fresh off the presses.
well kinda.
the aaron hernandez alleged “gay lovah” letters have been released.
well kinda.
he wrote a letter to prison officials about sharing a cell with some other jackals,
but one preferably that was his “heart”.
an f-bi sent me what wcvb had to say…
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your phone keeps blowing up this morning.
but a ton of twitter mentions.
did you become a star overnight?
what happened?
you just fell asleep at your homeboy’s house.
well when you get on twitter to see whats going on:

“wow that is disrespectful.”
“i would kick his ass.”
“they probably some faggots.”

when you look,
you see you as the main feature in this picture…

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