Foxy Lifestyle: “Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

Oh the joy of having a Wolf you are interested in send you a text!

You look at your phone and a smile instantly graces your face.
You may have just seen him yesterday, the day before, or the week before.
He did what most Wolves “forget” to do: hit you up.

Unfortunately a Fox, at that same time, could be receiving the same exact text.
Here is how to not be fooled with…

“Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

A “Operation Smash” Jump Off Text is a text that is forwarded to a bunch of Foxes or Vixens in hopes one replies for a beat down.
If you are ever a victim of these kind of texts, chances are,
he just likes/wants to fuck you.

Here are some of the ways you can tell if you received one…

  • He doesn’t say your name. It is usually “baby” or some other bland typical pet name he tells the other hoes.
  • It is a simple “wassup”, “sup”, or “hi”. Also, one sentence texts follow.
  • He is “looking to cum thru”. He never wants you to “cum over”. Why? Well, you already know. You aren’t special enough.
  • If you text back an hour or two later, he doesn’t reply back because the position is being filled (no pun intended).
  •  It comes at random hours. Sometimes in the morning so he can see what his candidates are doing that day, in the afternoon right before he knows you will be outta work or school, or BOOTY CALL HOUR (after 11pm).
  • He “misses” you, but you haven’t heard from the nigga last time he was on top of you.
  • He has been “thinking about you”. Naw, he been thinking of that good Foxhole for the last week and wants some more. Even if it isn’t so good, he wants something to warm his pipe in for 30 minutes.
  • He finds a way to text you during major holidays when he knows you will be off or have nothing to do. You haven’t heard from him since New Years but he finds a way to text you, “Happy Memorial Day”? You respond and he rekindles another yearly dick-down.
  • Friday and Saturday nights, during heavy “i’m tipsy” hours, you get a text at the middle of the night or at 5 in the morning, “wha u doin“.

Sometimes this stuff is common sense. Any Wolf you BARELY hear from plays this game the most. Sometimes, the Wolf you are exclusive kicking it with may do it to other Foxes or Vixens to get some Foxhole on the side. You’ll know a Wolf who is interested because he puts in effort to speak to you (texts or calls) and it is intimate (jokes are a big sign), rather than one word conversations leading up to dick-to-ass resuscitation.

So if a Wolf texts 15-100 recieptents in his “smash group” on his phone,
and 1 of ya’ll are bored, lonely, and horny…


reason some of us fall for it every time.

Another Wolf lesson by Jamari Fox.

4 thoughts on “Foxy Lifestyle: “Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

  1. You REALLY hit every single nail on its head, Africa & back!! They’re so predictable.

  2. Ha! Been there! I’ve since caught on to the game and realize that men who don’t ask you personal questions to try and get to know you are simply looking to smash. If they tell you how much they like you within a week or two of meeting… something is wrong. If he hits you up sporadically that’s a HUGE sign as well. The thinking has to change from “he must really like me” to “he must really not like being alone.”

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