X Marks The F0x: Swizz Tryna Beat?

I knew the day would come Alicia Keys would be singing her song “Karma”…
…to herself.
Seems the songbird lucked out and realized that how you get em is how you lose them…

Check this out and you’ll see…

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Foxy Lifestyle: “Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

Oh the joy of having a Wolf you are interested in send you a text!

You look at your phone and a smile instantly graces your face.
You may have just seen him yesterday, the day before, or the week before.
He did what most Wolves “forget” to do: hit you up.

Unfortunately a Fox, at that same time, could be receiving the same exact text.
Here is how to not be fooled with…

“Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

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