I Have Officially Been TURNED OUT!

We will get into what has TURNED ME THE HELL OUT soon.

Ive slowly crawled back into the online thing.

Well, somewhat….

I am dipping my toe into that cold lake when I can.
I’m not setting myself up as I have before.
Fuck around and think you in a lake when you are really in a swamp.
Funny enough, this go around, I have a lot more dudes hitting me.
I would leave and come back to 10 or more messages.
Thanks to picking the right pictures.

it seems a lot of Foxes and Hybrids are tryna holla than Wolves….

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Foxy Lifestyle: “Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

Oh the joy of having a Wolf you are interested in send you a text!

You look at your phone and a smile instantly graces your face.
You may have just seen him yesterday, the day before, or the week before.
He did what most Wolves “forget” to do: hit you up.

Unfortunately a Fox, at that same time, could be receiving the same exact text.
Here is how to not be fooled with…

“Operation Smash” JUMP-OFF TEXT

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