I Have Officially Been TURNED OUT!

We will get into what has TURNED ME THE HELL OUT soon.

Ive slowly crawled back into the online thing.

Well, somewhat….

I am dipping my toe into that cold lake when I can.
I’m not setting myself up as I have before.
Fuck around and think you in a lake when you are really in a swamp.
Funny enough, this go around, I have a lot more dudes hitting me.
I would leave and come back to 10 or more messages.
Thanks to picking the right pictures.

it seems a lot of Foxes and Hybrids are tryna holla than Wolves….

I received my new iFox 4S on Friday and I am in LOVE.
I blatantly divorced Blackberry for Apple.
I haven’t been happy in a while.
I took everything, changed my number, and moved on.

When I tell you if this phone should be able to fuck and cook me dinner, I would marry it.

So on the actual phone, they have online chat sites as apps you can download.
(Grindr, Jack’d….)
I thought ANYTHING was better than BGC and A4A so I figured let me give it a shot.
It is very simple to use and goes by pictures.
When you click the picture, a simple profile comes up and you get the jist of what the person is about.
They even have hidden private pictures you can request.
I love it.

So the first up to bat was a Spanish Hybrid who instantly liked what he saw from me.
He sent me a message and was flirting with me heavy.
Although he spoke in this hood rat language like this:

"Hi hop3 allz is wellz..." 

… which took me a while to decode.
He called me last night and the first question was what role I was.
I told him I was a Fox and he was VERY upset.
He literally begged me to be a Hybrid.
I’m not even kidding.
Only reason he wanted me to be a Hybrid was so I could screw him.

“You would be so hot as a Hybrid…” He begged.
It made me smile actually.

Needless to say, I got off the phone with him.
A half and hour later, “a Hybrid I thought was a Wolf” called.
He is pretty fine and he had the body I liked.
He was cool and a lot more mature than how I have been talking to as of late.
We decided to go with the flow and go from there.

… and for once,
in my whole online exsistence,
I was not thinking or talking about sex.

Thanks to my readers and commentators who made me execute a new game plan.

So stay tuned.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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