Is He A Fox? Wolf? or Likes To Show His Fat Ass?

I have always seen this guy online.
I think he is fine as hell and “straight“…
…but he is always selling his cakes in every shot.
I think he is fine as hell…
… but this is real suspect Foxy behavior….

He has pretty eyes too.
His name Brandon Parker, he is model, and his tail is AMAZING.



So, what do you think?

if you are a Wolf:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Is He A Fox? Wolf? or Likes To Show His Fat Ass?”

      1. Lol I don’t care if I sound thirsty.
        He’s like sitting a freshly baked cake in front of me but telling me to “look, not touch”.

        As soon as you turn around I’m diving face first into that ass…I mean cake. lol

  1. im with jay its like his ass his main thing. most str8 wolves show off their chest or abs why would he soo off his ass? but i thank him for it squats and lunges pay off. oh and i meet a wolf who compets at muscle shows and he showed me a few tricks to make a flat ass plump

  2. Generally speaking, models tend to pose however the photographer chooses…however if these are part of his portfolio, idk. In any case, that’s a phat azz & he could get it – even though his face is just alright to me…I don’t have to look at it, though.

    Whatever he is, I bet you can get in that azz

  3. YngBlkWolf :
    even though his face is just alright to me…I don’t have to look at it, though.

    I had to think back to our previous conversations about what you all think is attractive in order to understand how you could feel that way. He’s cute to me lol

    1. I went to MM & looked at some of his other pics, and he looked better there, so…I’m guessing he’s a wolf since you called him ‘he’ lol

  4. I’ve been watching that ass ever since I discovered Tarrice Love photography…dude has a great body…I think he’s the straight by day gay by night type but the poses are of the photographer, afterall it is is best asset.

  5. I mean even if the photographer is behind the poses think its crystal clear who the pictures appeal to. Maybe he will do whatever for a check.

    I wonder if he can juggle his cakes? Lol

  6. IM LATE…IN COMMENTING ON THIS but i have been a fan of these brandon parker pics for a very long time…i always say if a man presents to you his bare ass..he wants you to fuck him…lol but thats just me

  7. I have seen him online for years…
    OMG he could GET IT!
    I have nothing more to say
    Idk how else to communicate the fact that
    I’d fuck him the rest of my life!
    ^^^what? Too much?
    I have VERY strong reactions to him in his
    Tighty Whities <3

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