F-BI: Where Is “Big Bunz Brandon” Now?

Brandon-Parker-04whatever ever happened to “big bunz brandon”?
brandon parker is the name he was born with.
he use to model for tarrice love with ice-itsocool.
i remember he was a declared straight wolf,
alleged pre baller wolf turned urban model,
but he was known for his good looks and natural asset.
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i love him.

4cc767004f862brandon parker,
model and ex pre-baller wolf,
could still get it.
i know this is for the wolves,
i’m sure the foxes would like a sample

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Is He A Fox? Wolf? or Likes To Show His Fat Ass?

I have always seen this guy online.
I think he is fine as hell and “straight“…
…but he is always selling his cakes in every shot.
I think he is fine as hell…
… but this is real suspect Foxy behavior….

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